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Life Change in Change


Ever notice how no matter what you do, your imagination seems to want to act? Want to move? Your imagination seems to have a mind of its own? It doesn’t have a mind of its own. That seemingly independent mind is the semantic mind.

And thus meditation. To watch the imagination’ stallions roam… unbridled — but watched.

Now what do you think would happen if you dropped your learned thinking, and instead applied all that fancy pattern recognition and analysis to the naturalistic imagination?

Ahhh! Instant Wordsworth!

Some might say you would loose touch with the concrete world around you. I disagree. You would become in touch with it for the first time perhaps.

I would imagine that’s the state the Dalai Lama spends most of his time in. Very likely. I wouldn’t be surprised. To hear his explanations of religion and philosophy, it seems very likely.

Ever notice how often your dreams seem anything but imaginative? Even when they are abstract, they can also seems strangely very plain?

Very, very plain, mine are. How often in your dreams does anything ever seem weird or new to your sleeping mind? Does it ever?

My dreams don’t seem new at all but they are sometimes quite strange.

No, not to the sleeping mind.

I would describe strange dreams as being more accurately estranged. They seem odd only because we have spent so much time habitually alienating ourselves from our selves, our true natural selves.

Imagine if there was no difference between dream interpretation and problem solving, would you really have opportunity to do anything you didn’t intend to?

It makes “perfect” sense to me, but I’m a bit suspicious of the “sense-maker-me.” You can trust the sense feeler you. Sense maker you is a different person all together, thus the change I mentioned.

I ponder the “sense-feeler-me.”

Your brain, your mind, cannot tell the difference between the laws of physics and its personal sensory impressions. It can’t tell the difference between your magnetic sensitivity or your photoelectric sensitivity, and your mood.┬áSomething like a change of light pattern, like the frequency shift as light angles differently in winter than it does in summer, will colour your entire state of mind. It doesn’t take anything as dramatic as the whole sky to register though. Subtle changes in your immediate environment, a change in room temperature, changes in peoples hormone levels and those pheromone output. You are constantly immersed in streams of instantaneous change awareness.

So recognizing and seizing opportunities for change, we miss most of them, because we think change comes from all that imaginary stuff we call our problems. We ignore actual change, subtle little moments of assessment, evaluation. It isn’t even conscious necessarily. If I offered you liver or ice cream, which would you pick? Monkey brains or a cookie?

Ice cream. Cookie.

These are not problems so they are ignored. You react automatically and move on, but all personal change, and thus life change, starts here, not in your thoughts.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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