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Spirituality is life. Any part of life you are in.

Manage Your Psychic State in Psychic Hazards

Psychic Hazards

How dangerous it is to open portals/doors? I have eight manifesting in my dreams and my guide wants me to open them. Not dangerous. Your mind is a part of an infrastructure. Beyond those doors is the broader psychic realm. The equivalent is the streets of the huge city of the mind. You must have indicated to your guide that you sought the insights that could be found there, and your guide must feel you are ready. Best advice there is the same as what goes for taking a physical walk in your neighbourhood. Don’t go picking fights. Treat your mental life as being just as real as your physical life.

True. Be humble. Yes. Humbleness and civility go a long way in the psychic realm.

Know where you are walking to. Also, yes. If you can know what you are thinking, you can know where you are walking to there.

I think I can offer a simple summary. The psychic realm is as real as the physical but follows different rules of form and has different meanings. With meditation and experience, you can come to understand what seems very strange if you think of it in the literal physical way.

Should we pay attention to it or rather try to avoid it. You should ultimately pay attention to it, because the entities there will eventually be paying attention to you. You will be better off managing your own psychic state to dictate the terms on which those encounters take place.

Do they watch me in the shower? No, because the idea of a shower is an abstraction for the most part. They know what they are visualized as, but they don’t necessarily know what they are used for or what it means to be taking a shower. There is no spoon in the mind. There is no shower. There is just you and them. There is you and every other living thing, but only on the realm of consciousness.

A psychic wolf doesn’t want to eat you. It would just flee. A psychic tree will talk to you, as they also don’t have their physical needs or limitation on the psychic realm.

Do they manifest as Dryads? They can, yes. Also often as what humans see to be grumpy old men, and sometimes you can see their horror. Their faces become twisted with their bodies experiences of the tainted soil.

It’s a broad world even at the psychic level, and to discuss ever psychic threat or even psychic presence would take more time than we have in one sitting or even a few sittings. The key is self awareness and not dismissing the reality of the mind. The rest can be learned from experience.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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