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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Psychic Self Defense in Psychic Hazards

Psychic Hazards

I have had many dreams in which I have been advised how to fight. Use words and my hands as a light source and weapon. Psychic self defense. Yes.

Your self image, specifically your awareness of your body, is a psychic presence. That interface between your body and your mind is an actual tool in dealing with the psychic realm. If you visualize, say, striking a hostile presence, allowing your actual fight or flight energy to go into that imagining, you are striking the entity. It’s easiest to do perhaps when you are frightened and the energy is immediately available, but not really reliable. With a developed focus, a strong intention to repel a psychic attacker, that will work as well.

Some martial arts can train you to do that. Martial arts training helps in psychic defense as well. It has a long history of being used that way.

That is exactly how I was advised in my dream, but with the message of don’t be frightened. That gives them energy. Fear is like bleeding into the water with sharks swimming around. Fear compromises focus, but a moment of fear can flip a switch to the intention to defend yourself. So is in that sense useful.

Should one use anger energy against them? Anger helps in some cases, and is perfectly sufficient in dealing with simpler creatures where your focused aggression can scatter their gathered energy.

But isn’t anger the other side of fear? Actual anger is the other side of desire. Fear is the flip side of despair.

When I took Shotkan (a very old traditional form) we would turn out the lights and do a thousand lunge punches up and down the gym. I imagined I was striking a demon in his chest every time. That practice works. But in the case of more advanced psychic entities, they will laugh and side step you. Mentally trip you up.

Since I took that class I have found that I built up psychic energy. Martial arts practice in general is good for building psychic energy for any purpose.

Ever have one of those dreams where the nightmare presence just seemed to evade and mock you?

I haven’t had that though I’ve had ones where I couldn’t kick. It was very frustrating. Denial is a simple disarming tactic used by the simpler psychic predators. They are the equivalent of constrictor snakes. They numb your awareness of selected parts of your mind, and then try to insinuate more deeply. But any of these entities knows the psychic landscape better than we do. It’s the primary realm of their awareness. They see your self image like you see your face in the mirror.

I have a memory of that also. Trying to remember what I am to do with them… You are whisp of fog and sun dries you out. Run and hide. That’s a good tactic. That’s the primary tactic of psychic evasion. When it seems to destroy an entity, well, you likely did not. They just dissipated. You know when you actually ended its manifestation because you will feel a sort of snap in your head.

Exactly. They go away and leave you alone. That is all that is needed. Yes. They don’t like being beaten down, and will look for an easier host to feed from. But the psychic snap will feel like breaking fragile glass in your hand. Perhaps like after picking up a broken light bulb, but instead in your head. A kill on the psychic realm is not killing a spirit. You can’t kill spirits, but you can end somethings manifestation on the psychic realm. Deny them a thought body.

Then where does it go? The spirit realm underlies the psychic. If the spirit world is the land we walk on, then the psychic is like the telephone wires. The cyberspace that exists along side it.

The matrix. Yes. Where spiritual forces are structured in ways that make sense to our brain, and where we gather the initial energy to incarnate ourselves.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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