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What evil would arise in sex if people just accepted it? What evil would arise in exotic senses of self if they were just accepted? What harm?

Psychic Protection in Psychic Hazards

Psychic Hazards

Is there an easy way to protect oneself against psychic entities? Yes. Which order of creature? This is why wards so often fail. People misidentify the creature they are dealing with.

Those who suck your energy while you sleep. Ah, the psychic predators. They are attracted to frustration. You send off the psychic flare that attracts them when your subconscious is looping on some issue. It’s instinctive frustration and not just sexual frustration that attracts those entities. We have the same behaviour as animals on a subconscious level, so if you are feeling angry or hungry when you go to bed, or like you never get much done in a day, that has just as much chance of attracting an incubi or succubi as anything else.

Makes sense. So work related stress could cause it? Yes, that can do it.

The psychic atmosphere is full of much more than just human vibes. There are creatures that live in that level of energy and have evolved to survive and thrive and grow based on events that occur there.

I guess feng shui is all about keeping the energy predators out. Is that right? Yes. That’s a large part of it. They tend to be attracted to the still pools of energy formed by bad flow in your environment.

And meditation? Meditation helps you center in the psychic realm as well as give you some awareness of what is happening there. But even without that, it gives you a sense for your psychic body and informs you when something is off center about it.

And relieves stress and takes away their food? Yes, exactly. So it is a good practice. Yes, they do leave. But ultimately the secrete of dealing with psychic hazards is seeing and understanding your psychic life and what you are doing there along side your physical life.

Can’t it also be a good thing to have some of that psychic energy drained off you? It can be good to have some energy drained. Specific energy states. Which raises a different category of psychic entities. Those typically seen as Guardian Angels. They are psychic symbionts rather than parasites, and their feeding habits tend to be less driven and blind than a parasite.

I was thinking it does not help with feng shui if your energy is not in balance. If it is, they don’t get hold on you. Yes. Having good environmental flow, but a bad psychic state personally, will still leave you subject to being drained. But the symbiotic entities tend to key into signs of proper psychic balance. What we would call free will. They take nothing by force, but psychic symbionts and psychic parasites don’t get along. Both are territorial just like real life parasites and symbionts.

No. They ask, especially in our dreams. Like can I get a hug. Exactly, and that is also the form the symbiotic exchange takes as well. Positive attention. Something emotionally uplifting to you as well as energizing for them. They understand human psychology better than the parasites do. This is how you can tell a parasite from a symbiotic. If the entity has only one trick up it’s sleeve, it’s a parasite. If it has multiple behaviours and they are well suited to interacting with you, it’s usually a symbiotic. Though in the case of the more complex entities, it may be an independent psychic entity as well, and neither symbiotic nor parasitic. Sometimes those people you see on the street in your dreams are just people, though often they aren’t actually human.

The entity in my dream sent me a dream telling me that it was time to change my work and I am better now. I gained back my health. You have a symbiont perhaps. Either that, or maybe a guide.

I think I have many. It’s possible to have many symbionts yes, and they tend to cooperate when they communicate with you. Operate as a collective.

I went to sleep, was on my side, and woke up feeling like something had curled up around me. A pressure and then the bed started shaking really hard and I couldn’t talk or move. Psychokinetic resonance. It’s the interaction between you and the psychic entity. Sort of a storm of energy.

I finally was able to tell it to stop and it did. I had to concentrate really hard in order to speak. Your focused will stopped the reverb. It’s perhaps the most basic psychic defence. Be mindful and you will manage these things better. That’s the best defense.

You think the shaking might have something to do with Japan? No. Psychokinetic resonance is resisted by elemental entities. They won’t allow human consciousness to disturb their realm, if they can help it.

Could there be psychic residue from Japan that is causing these? That residue might have spawned a lot more parasites, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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