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Masculine And Feminine in Archetypes


Someone just told me that Taurus is a feminine sign. Feminine in having a yin polarity, yes, and you are about 49 percent female by default. All men are or you could not survive.

When you hear the terms masculine and feminine, they don’t actually have much to do with modern conceptions of gender role. They could be seen more like the electronic terms. Some forces act by reacting. They respond to or echo things. Receive.

They are seen in physics now as two layers. An electromagnetic interplay. Yes. This applies to things like neural discharges as well.

So feminine is reactive? Feminine is reactive and reflective, and their are women who are masculine. Kali figures.

It is blamed for that. Reactive and reflective do not really have gender ness. It’s true, they don’t. As I said earlier, they have nothing really to do with gender role, more energy dynamic. In fact, gender role as a model of human behaviour is almost completely absurd. We all literally start out as female anyhow.

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None of our Hawaiian names are gender specific. Many Native American names don’t illustrate gender either. The only gender like references being associating hunter imagery with males, but that was not really a rule.

You say gender roles are not really human behaviour. What about those that seem to feel confused about gender? Is this because we put so much importance on what a man is and what a woman is? It is a crowd control thing. The newer archetypes don’t have strong spiritual roots, but they are strong enough to sway human behaviour, if for the worse. Make women think they need to parch their skin with powders and scald their scalps with dye. Nonsense like that.

Much of that is based on fear and seeking protection, so society creates “norms”. Yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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