Scientology was based on many of the old teachings and its creator admits to this in his own writing. He just sought to refine it. Make it more intelligible and accessible.

Mirroring Process in Human Cognition in Battle Trance

Battle Trance

Let’s look at the most primal model. Humanity is by no means the biggest, strongest or fastest species on the planet. Is this fair to say?

Physical body — surely not. And yet not only did we survive, we became the dominant species and the most feared. There is a reason for this. The force that allowed this to happen for our species does show up on other species as well, but perhaps not to the same degree that it does in our own. Birds, fish, ants and other hive insects. They can even examine and record the same dynamics of movement on human city streets as they do through the passages of an ant hill.

Humanity’s first, and still strongest, survival mechanism is what some now call the battle trance. As a predator or group of predators approached the human troupe, perhaps like a gorilla troupe, rather than the biggest strongest alpha coming forward and going on a berserk rampage, the distress spreads. Cries of distress from one human in the troupe fired off distress in the others, and they all had their senses heightened and locked in on the frightening element that had emerged in their environment.

Great for survival. Like wolves and prairie dogs. Well, yes in a way, but more complex, because in the case of prairie dogs, they really have only one response. Flee.

It’s been found that prairie dogs talk about us. They talk about size and shape and colour of clothing, and direction we are approaching. Yes, it’s also been proven that crows can recognize individual humans, and display organized aggression toward that specific human. They seek help from other crows.

I can attest to that. My crows are mad at me because of my cat. Crows don’t tend to show unprovoked aggression. They’re really more reasonable than humans, as are many species. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had identified that you had a relationship with the cat and the nature of the relationship.

I have mentioned earlier the mirroring process in human cognition. Everyone familiar with that?

They have traced the origin of human language more or less, and one of the elements that is distinctive about human language, and is also now why they can decode prairie dog and dolphin language, is that we are remarkably gifted at imitation. We have the expressive range of any other species on the planet, barring sounds we of course cannot hear, and we also have a comparative lexical range. Expressive language is how our voices growl when we are angry, or purr or coo when we are happy or pleased, and lexical language is our ability to recognize memories and repeat structured patterns like birds do.

Too bad typing isn’t as easy. Typing has little natural parallel. The closest would be some drumming behaviour in species like beavers tail slap signalling, or sub sonic whooping in some large mammals and whales.

When scientists arranged the words we use from least frequent to most, it makes a line at a 45 degree angle. They also found that dolphins sounds make the same line on a graph so that’s one way to analyze data to see if it contains language. They are using it on signals from outer space. I am confident that if your detection equipment is up to the task, they will find deep space language signals, but how this related to the battle trance…

Humans learn to imitate what other human being’s learned to imitate. This first emerged as imaged based thinking, associative thinking, like the thinking of modern humans like Temple Grandin which serves her well in understanding animal behaviour. She’s a genius at it, and it likely served our ancestors well at hunting. They could use indirect means of luring prey or even predators into compromised states allowing either evasion of the predator or even killing it.

In-tune-ment? Yes, but the battle trance is reflexively triggered only in the distress scenario. So our ancestors came to find ways of returning to that state in preparation for a hunt. They began imitating the howls and screams of predatory animals, and prancing about in a circle as if they were running and leaping desperately, and when they felt that state of empty clarity set in, then they would begin their hunts.

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Travis Saunders
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