'Battle Trance' Chapter

Battle Trance

Humanity’s first, and still strongest, survival mechanism is what some now call the battle trance. As a predator approached the human troupe, rather than the biggest strongest alpha coming forward and going on a berserk rampage, the distress spread. Cries of distress from one human in the troupe fired off distress in the others, and they all had their senses heightened and locked in on the frightening element that had emerged in their environment. The battle trance is reflexively triggered only in the distress scenario.

Every time you get stressed out you are in a mild and involuntary battle trance. So your brain takes in all the human signals; want but can’t have, couldn’t find and frustrated, did find and hold others in contempt. So we see people are evil. You have to own your desires, or they will perpetually be used in a shell game. You will remain vulnerable to bait and switch and your behaviour will be controlled.

Preference for Shared Experience

Today, we are talking about something that has no official name, really. But you can find information on it under the title ‘Battle Trance’ though the phenomenon has more facets than just that one. Humanity is multi-faceted in more ways… Seek More

Mirroring Process in Human Cognition

Let’s look at the most primal model. Humanity is by no means the biggest, strongest or fastest species on the planet. Is this fair to say? Physical body — surely not. And yet not only did we survive, we became… Seek More

Reacting to the Battle Trance State

Have you heard of altered state skill acquisition? Two things… We learn more quickly and retain it more reliably when we are in a state of heightened sensory arousal and lowered “thinking”, lowered conscious filtering. This is why people get… Seek More

Glitch in the Matrix

Everyone familiar with the concept of mass hysteria? Should I explain? It’s basically the simple fact that psychogenic illness is infectious, and psychogenic illness has its roots in a holistic dynamic. There is no separation between psychogenic illness and environmentally… Seek More

Converts to the Human Way

If I get everything I want, then I will have to work to maintain it. No you won’t. We often haven’t much reflected on what we actually want. Should I go into that? You actually want what you have without… Seek More

Love the Way You Are

Perhaps a different point of view to show even more clearly the truth of this, and how deeply the rabbit hole goes. Let’s look at art. It’s possible that all art, even modern art, stems from or at least still… Seek More

Control Your Battle Trance

Want to control your battle trance? I’m not sure. It is such a boon to survival, you know. Want to be controlled by it? Nope. If you don’t want to control it, you do indeed want to be controlled by… Seek More