We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Glitch in the Matrix in Battle Trance

Battle Trance

Everyone familiar with the concept of mass hysteria? Should I explain?

It’s basically the simple fact that psychogenic illness is infectious, and psychogenic illness has its roots in a holistic dynamic. There is no separation between psychogenic illness and environmentally induced illness. And they have proven that the experiences of even your immediate ancestor, your grandparents, imprint themselves on your DNA. This sound like nonsense?

The split between psychology and biology is meaningless. Where the science is getting confused is insisting that its all bio-mechanical. What it actually is is informational. Bio-mechanical models will continue to fail in understanding this.

What if you don’t like your ancestors. If you don’t like your ancestor you likely also have some dislike of yourself, and well, it isn’t necessary.

I point out mass hysteria because it is the healing process at work in reality as we know it. It’s the glitch in the matrix that lets us bend the rules and in time entirely reprogram them. Those breaks in the public consciousness are not just irrational, illogical. There are those who have a vested interest in making certain you continue to believe they are, but those breaks reflect our intuitive biophilia, our innate sense of connection to the life and the natural environment around us.

We want less structure because all of our structures are dead, leading us to paranoia, looking for the killer, the predator that has no concrete form, the monster we will never find. We even all dream of this, all of us. We want more genuine contact with human beings.

We dislike roles. We say things like we hate drama. We hate it when people play games without knowing why that is or what we actually want. So in our dreams we often dream of lewd and even perverse sexual behaviour, or at least things we would consciously judge to be perverse, and there is a reason why. Your real mind has to scream its needs. It has to shock and scare you to make you actually listen.

You very likely don’t want to behave as you do in dreams. Strangely, what you may actually want is for your partner simply to yell at you, or to feel free to yell at your partner, or you may want a simple natural moment of cuddling without some socially trumped up reason why you are doing it. Genuine intimacy, natural human behaviour leading to natural human interaction.

I yell a lot, actually, but not at anything in particular. I don’t blame you. But we can awaken to the yelling and focus our inner awareness on where we are in the dream, because that is exactly what it is. The old myths were never a map of the so called real world. They were maps of the early dream, and they preserved them so desperately because it was how human cohesion, human sanity could be preserved, as well as human wisdom.

Even Christianity has much to remind us regarding the perversity of abstraction in human hierarchy, systems of authority and rulership so to speak. What is going on now is still very much predictable, but the insanity, or supposed insanity, that sense of an other or outside influence on us… It’s not aliens. It’s not government conspiracies. The government is invested in having us feel quite normal, and if there are aliens involved, in our experience somehow, they for the most part do not want to spook the indigenous species. They are perfectly happy to use the observation blind provided by human obsessiveness.

So, really, I should get down to the point now… The question is not how do you grow stronger, learn better and learn more. The real question is how do you break? And who’s breaking you? You can either hack yourself, or you will be hacked. Hacking yourself is scary. Being hacked goes unnoticed. The brain doesn’t feel pain, and emotion can be reconditioned.

Are you afraid to be afraid? Your fear has to be your own. You have to own it, or it will be rented out to you instead, and yes, they will literally make you pay for it.

Are you afraid of what you want? You have to own your desires, or they will perpetually be used in a shell game. You will remain vulnerable to bait and switch and your behaviour will be controlled.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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