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Change is subatomic. I break your nucleic bond and smile. Change is minute. There are no big changes. Never anything big. Just a bunch of small things we eventually notice.

Converts to the Human Way in Battle Trance

Battle Trance

If I get everything I want, then I will have to work to maintain it. No you won’t. We often haven’t much reflected on what we actually want. Should I go into that?

You actually want what you have without trying. You actually want the things you can’t keep yourself from getting.

What if you never get them? You always get them. May I discuss alcohol use? We self medicate, and everyone does. Retail therapy, medical addiction, religious affiliation.

It’s cheaper. Oh, indeed. It’s deliberately made cheaper. The churches say to give whatever you want all the while pushing your every button. You will pay large amounts just for the sense of group identity. People continue drinking to maintain group identity also. They even gather information on its merits to shore that up. They do everything to convince themselves that the medical fix for what upsets them is just around the corner. They just have to keep the faith in science and progress. How is that working for making us feel better so far? Is it? Maybe I am missing out on something.

Well, I think when we hear about breakthroughs, like curing AIDs, it makes us feel better. Yes. It makes us feel more relaxed, at rest. We can convince ourselves yet again that we don’t really have to do anything, or just keep doing what we are told.

What you really want shows up in your behavioural abnormalities. What are those crazy things you just keep doing? Maybe even the things you drink to avoid doing? Or drug, or medicate, or imitate, or emulate. Teenage girls emulate teeny bopper figures to avoid having panic attacks. Teeny bopper boys do the same to avoid their panicked desire to lash out in all directions, yet do we avoid doing these things really? Do teenage girls avoid crying jags if they look like Britney Spears close enough? Does Britney Spears? How many “pretty” young celebs seem to have lost their minds these days?

Tons. The majority.

In what way have they lost their minds? Literally? In a sense, yes. They have kept their brains, and their pretty faces, but have no sense of what they want, or what they value. Does anyone really have this though?

Getting arrested.

Peer pressure is profound — and now it comes through the media – constantly.

I have taken a vow not to report on my abnormalities. 70+ trips to doctors in the past 2 years… 35 different doctors. Doc’s orders… but I no longer follow them blindly. You want love, so hide from people and seek medical analysis to find something that might explain why you haven’t found love. You won’t ever find it there. Is that horrible of me to say?

Not at all! It’s the truth!

I want revenge, so I delve as much as I can into every means of self development to somehow piece myself together in such a way that I can prove by force my worth to those who have and still do dismiss it.

Being the finest person you can be is the best revenge, after all. It hasn’t worked for me. I just now better understand the reasons I am dismissed. That’s what the self improvement got me. I understand my world and my fellow man better than I first did, so my desire for revenge goes unsatisfied.

So yes, what you really want you actually always get. You just never plan around it.

You have had amazing experiences with human kindness and compassion I imagine. Is this not so?

Yes, it is so. But you never planned on it. You haven’t reclaimed your desire perhaps, or yet chosen to fully explore it and fashion your life around it.

Well, I sort of never felt that I really deserved it. Doesn’t matter. You will try to get it anyway. You have no choice. This is the ancestral trance just without the ancestral wisdom to go with it. You could even call it the animal trance. What lengths will your dog go to in order to stay in your good graces? This is why we can train animals at all.

Long lengths. Animals want to live in peace, but they aren’t confused about that, and when they discover that not only can they live in peace with us by learning those behaviours, but they get additional perks, treats and reward from us, even a better sense of their own status, well.. They become easy converts to the human way. Are we really any different?

I suppose not much.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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