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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Nightmare Awareness in Nightmares

Just as your body is an ecosystem, so is your mind, and besides impressions made on you by other organisms, you actually have semi-independent intelligences showing up in your dreaming experience as well.

We aren’t as holistic as people convince themselves they are. Various regions of your own nervous system still center themselves and organize themselves sort of like your familiar brain does, and these other centers of consciousness filter that same set of worlds or domains of experience differently.

I won’t be going into a breakdown of the chakras, but I can tell you which center of your body remains centered in and aware of the nightmare realm, and maybe explain why older mystics gave the advice they did.

Anything below the solar plexus has its awareness centered there, your appetites, your emotional life, your sexuality, your awareness of your physicality and your sense of self preservation. It’s the original purpose the nightmare realm served, to heighten your awareness of physical life. Would you actually want that to go away?

But it is good to become more skillful in handling it. The reason the old mystics practiced asceticism is they saw the nightmare realm as a literal hell, and they feared literal and lasting damnation. They felt that all of our evils stemmed from there and the only hope for redemption was to abandon that level of being entirely. This is what most of the practices that survive today seek to help people do, ground themselves in thought and dream, because they believed them divinely inspired if not divine themselves, and they felt they had to sustain that until they died. They believed if you “died happy” your soul went to heaven.

Do you feel like you have a sense of the reality and significance of the nightmare realm?

Important information before I conclude. You don’t have a choice about what is present in your nightmares. They have a reality all their own which actually should be comforting because it means they aren’t evidence of your insanity or some deep seated character flaw. Just like physical presences, they just exist, and like physical presences what that means to you is decided by you.

So don’t like the nightmare bugs in your mind house? Squash them or turn them out of the house. You have options there the same as you do in the physical, and though it isn’t as easy as squashing them necessarily, any nightmare presence does still have limitations for the same reason you can perceive it as a semi-coherent presence at all. You can sense those limitations and use that intuition.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and dream clearly.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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