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To the degree that any way becomes an object, it ceases to have any truth. Because truth is life and life truth, and we live still in still moments.

Things that Scare Us in Nightmares

We have one world with three faces of experience or consciousness. We have one world, but one which can be said to exist at three different levels of awareness, and even if you understand everything and delude yourself about nothing, none of the levels will disappear. The reason being, just as our brain assembles what we see by continuously and subtlety moving our eyes across the visual landscape before us, our minds eye scans the reality in front of us. And just as we know our left from our right, we know growth and energy from death and entropy. Our mind will remain aware of the nightmare realm, because it remains aware of the threshold of “release” just as it is aware of the flow of creation/creativity.

The things that scare us all relate to release, and there is a scary side to everything we experience, from sex to money to food to relationships. Anything that suggests shadow or void, emptiness or confusion, fills the realm of nightmares. What would change is the stress we feel from ignoring things. Would you feel comfortable sitting in your tent and ignoring the snuffling of a large predator because it might go away? The same relates to presences in the nightmare realm. They are real, and you won’t be able to convince your mind otherwise. But you can become a nightmare “naturalist”, learn their behavior and territory, what they want and what feeds them.

Can I get a tranquilizer gun? Actually yes, because the nightmare and dream realms interact. You gain the ability to equip yourself in lucid dreaming, and you instinctively recognize what some dream presences will do to others. Again obeying its own form of “physics.”

We go to them the same way they come to us, and we basically interact in imagination? Yes, but not only in imagination, because you can’t change how you behave there without changing how you behave while awake.

We’ll start seeing and acting differently to things. Yes. In extreme cases you might even from time to time “see things” as we describe it. What keeps that from getting out of hand is the same thing that keeps it from getting out of hand while we dream. We build and maintain our lucidity.

I am not weirded out when people tell me they see or hear things, for me this is natural, happens all the time and everywhere. They get frantic only because they aren’t accustomed to noticing it. We would think it silly to watch someone be afraid of a TV set or a balloon, because we are accustomed to them in our experience. But at one time people were afraid of these very things, some still are. Cameras… Oh, the list is long. If it’s much more complicated than a stick or stone, some people will likely be afraid of it, and if it’s a complex stick or stone, they might even be afraid of those too. This is why the nightmare realm seems more dominant than other realms. It’s because of how we relate to it.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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