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When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Nightmare Characters in Nightmares

Notice how time works in your dreams?

Almost non existent. Because it’s non-existent, as we define it, even while we are awake. We think we have a dream at the end of the day while we sleep, but even viewed in waking world terms, that part of your brain that dreams still dreams while we walk around during the day. They call it the default mode network, and we revert to it whenever we aren’t “consciously” trying to do something.

One dream stands out and you don’t realise you’ve also had dozens more. True. Sort of like we don’t remember ever single moment of our waking life either. The only way you don’t dream is brain death, and even that supposed end is debatable perhaps.

We think we see only what our eyes tell us while we are awake and walking around, yet it’s been established even in neuroscience that we pick up on a lot of subtle body language and implied meaning that we don’t take conscious notice of, little bits of things like eye movement and subtle variations of body language that show us the self-image of the person we were looking at.

You don’t make up the images you see in your dreams spontaneously. You dream them because they are familiar from your daily experience. The man or woman with no face? Never see that while you are awake?

Those are the people we see in our periphery? In part, but you also see them straight on as well. Those people with an artificially flat affect, as they say, no emotional expression, like looking at a poster of a person. The person with the big mouth? Who bites people? You don’t see that big mouth people eater while awake?

Those billboard models are scary. They are hideous, I agree.

They’re around. I ignore most of them. It means that is a strong nightmare image for you.

We see all the nightmare characters while we are awake at the same time as we see the “normal” people, but we focus on seeing the normal. We focus on it so intensely that we often even overlook things we would have seen that might not have an obvious physical connection. But I will go into that later. If you see the dream monster people while awake, can it really be said they are not real?

Is it their auras we are seeing? It is, in that they project their emotional and psychological as well as biological energy out into their environment, and you pick it up as naturally as you do physical sight. But everyone is a much deeper and more complex presence than what your physical sight tells you. What they look like physically is also the imprint they put in your minds. They chose what they said and did even in the most obvious ways.

It is the imprint they put in our minds. Yes, but you pick up these same sorts of imprints from animals and plants as well as other things. Have you never dreamed of seeing trees or pets or things like that? They usually look pretty literal, but often more intensely what they are. Natural presences tend to register more powerfully as they aren’t muddled by human style thought.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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