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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

World of Experience in Nightmares

Neuroscience has discovered some very interesting things. We structure our memory like it was physical spaces. This is why when you walk through a door, you often forget why you were entering that room. Your memory is your house. But what is the difference between sensation and memory? How can you tell the difference?

Sensation is sharper, more immediate. Sort of like the sight of a visually impaired person, or the hearing of the partially deaf? Yes. So all we have to go on is that sense of displacement? How often do we experience that even when we aren’t thinking at all?

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Many times I don’t realize I am dreaming. I even have memories of other times I have been in that space.

Deja vu is those signals getting crossed? Yes.

Now if the normal realm is everything you normally experience, then is it reasonable to say that there is a difference between what we dream and what we experience while we are awake?

It’s like the world is always there and I just get trapped in it sometime. Indeed, it is always there, but you aren’t trapped. You naturally go and need to remain just like you need to remain awake for a time. It is just memory partitioning the same as you experience when you cross doorways while awake. No solid wall.

So what we have in common to both domains of experience is thought. What is thought?

Sorting? Posturing? Moving?

Brain activity? Seeing would be brain activity also. Thought is more specific, but how does it differ from bodily movement?

It takes more effort for me, I think. Possibly. I can move about with ease. We don’t develop our consciousness evenly across the board. This is natural and not really a problem.

But I need to focus to think many times like when I’m tired. You get tired while dreaming as well, then you wake up.

Ok. If we accept that visual input is a part of external reality, then how can we say dreaming “visions” are not?

They use the same brain functions? Yes, and the same memory traces. The same linguistic filters also. This is why you have Freudian slips while awake. Your mind naturally free associates.

So we have a world of experience. One world held in common by all people. This is why we can talk to each other and understand each other’s experience. But this world is constructed not just of things that are evident to our organic senses, but things that are evident to internal sensitivity as well.

Tell me, how in touch with reality are you if you ignore that people have feelings and opinions? That animals have natural behaviors and intentions? But focusing on matter doesn’t tell us this. Thinking of everything as a collection of objects would leave us in a seriously delusional state. We have people that experience the world in such a way. We call them psychopaths.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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