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The great dharma wheel is nothing more complex than that. The big mystery in life is that there is no mystery.

Nihilism in Darkness


The spiritual darkness discussion group, at ‘One World, Many Paths’ in Second Life, was started because a lot of other spiritual groups bar people from talking about negative feelings, and tell them that if they would just be more spiritual they wouldn’t feel bad. We don’t do that here, and we let people share and discuss their darkness, and maybe we can learn something useful from it.

I have essentially been confined to my home for the last week. I was in bed for several days with the flu, and only yesterday had surgery on both legs and an arm. These things are not a big deal overall, but it is my growing nihilism that is a problem.  So what moves this nihilism? I am not sure why I am being so nihilistic. Hmm, and it’s become a problem?

It is frustrating. It is not as though I am totally bored with nothing to do. It is that I am having trouble seeing the validity in doing what I am able to. “Why bother.” Today in particular has been awful as I have been alone. Well, this is a pretty down to earth nihilism. Ennui is absence of amusement or interest. I struggle with nihilism also, and I find it reveals a truth. The exoteric motivations tend to be empty. Intrinsic motivations are the best and longest lasting. I find that doing the things I normally enjoy, even when in deep nihilism, inspires a measure of humour.

I wouldn’t agree with an existentialist view myself. I do tend to speak on metaphysical things you know. :smile: But still, yes, meaning is internal, and nihilism can bring a clarity to reorient. Sometimes it’s good when nothing really intrigues us.

Striving for success and social status means you cannot let in misery. It’s almost a law of nature, and so that’s what we see in western culture (banning of misery). Oh yes, and then misery destroys people in alcoholism, mental illness and “going postal”, because it doesn’t go away. I have a friend from Poland who is always considering suicide. He is not poverty stricken, but apparently the social environment is rather hostile.

For me when I start to consider suicide, I tend to get into fight mode instead, and then go at it more instead of the first option. For me, when I considered it, I considered what moved me to it, and the act would be even more meaningless than the conditions that made me consider it. So since there is no point, I don’t.

There is a point. You offer yourself a better life if you are not happy with your current life, and with you the whole reality dies, because you won’t remember anything in your next life, and you can’t feel guilt for doing it. No, it goes with you. The pattern moves with you. For every action a consequence. Cause stays cause, and incarnation is effect.

That’s not true. It can’t be true. You can’t be judged for your current life in the next one. It’s perfectly unfair. Do you know any exceptions to cause and effect? Who says there is any fairness? It‘s a human conception that. Death is an event in the chain of cause and effect, and even if consciousness is not preserved there is still a memory of the event. There is no data is lost.

Death is the ultimate end of one’s existence. There is no existence after it in which you preserve your current life. Interesting assertion. Then when did your existence begin? When arbitrary combinations of matter came together in human genetic code?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Nihilism”

  1. blz

    Your existence began when you were born, and your soul or ego or whatever you want to call it is simply a defense mechanism your body uses to keep you focused/living/alive and help you process the world. Until you start to think about things like this which are conflicting with the way a lot of us are taught to think/live.

    • Jeromy Rutter

      In my opinion, nihilism is not only a reality, but a desired one….It is essential for freewill, creating our own purposes and meanings, instead of having someone dictate to us who we are.

      The Human race is simply too full of itself. “The human body is a beautiful piece of art.” Have you ever sat and wondered at the human body? why 1 arm is generally longer than the other, or why one eye may be a different shade than another, etc, or even why the head looks like a lump grown out of an appendage we call the neck. Yet, we, like the ant who thinks the same of himself, think we are the greatest thing in all of nature.

      Human soul? an electric current running through the nervous system…synapse. Why is it a person can get drunk? Being drunk changes who we are for a while. If I was only my soul, not dependent on my body for memory or anything of the sort, no amount of brain damage or alcohol could ever change who i am.
      The truth is “truth” is a human invention, setting him at the center of it all through his own experiences, where he can only believe one thing over another based on his own desires or which one he finds more important. That’s why a preacher will call the bible the truth, a physicist will call science the truth, a poet will call art the truth, and they are all ex post facto imitations of reality (gods are invisible fictitious personalities based on what we think we know about ourselves, as well as what we think the ideal person should be).

      Descartes said the only true statement: Cogito ergo sum – a cliche nowadays, I think therefore I am. All else is possible only because of this 1 statement. as I’m growing fond of saying “Sum ut cetera sit” I am so that the rest may be.” Reality is what it is…meaningless. But the experience of it is what gives meaning to it all…by us. I cannot acknowledge a god until after I have acknowledge myself…or experience you, or him, or it. This acknowledgment begins at birth…with sensation, pain, breath…survival is the number 1 rule, self-preservation. it is the beginning of freewill, and even to a god is a must, lest he be picking up a doll and telling it to worship him.

      We hate the thought of death, it’s our only true enemy. All wars are fought for preservation of life. The christian doesn’t trust a muslim. The fathers of America didn’t trust king George. The KKK somehow feels threatened by anyone different than themselves.

      “You can’t trust freedom when it’s not in your hands” – guns n Roses.

      Yet no one knows what happens when we die. The most likely event is we cease to exist as anything other than a memory. Even “near death experiences” are really deaths. We’re not dead until the brain dies, and that 20 minutes or so is akin to being high, where the brain is deprived of oxygen. You can get the same hallucinations when eating acid or shrooms, or even when you’re dreaming (Unconscious – the same as a near death experience) and until ideas like gods and angels and ghosts and demons are debunked, we won’t ever stop bickering, warring, fighting and actually try to figure out anything at all objectively. (although, the only way to know what happens when you’re dead is to be dead.)

      To hell with heavens and hells, we live here. now. “life is what you make it.” couldn’t happen without nihilism.

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