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Oh, Shit! in Destiny

Dancing the Spiral of Life

When you think about problems, you do not think of other things besides the problem. Your behaviour and perception are constrained to the problem. It’s the only way you can process the information and generate a conclusion that matches your personal pre-conclusions that “make sense” to you. You will take no note of anything that occurred around the problem let alone track the status of your self awareness, and then even if you lapse into sensory rumination mulling over the stress and emotional pain that problem caused you.

I think this is how cops tend to pin things on innocent people, because they have already made up their mind before investigating. Indeed. The other path would not enable that. If a cop were using the other path when engaging a disturbance, they would interact with the person as they present themselves in that moment, and intuit if that persons mental state is disturbed and if they are presenting a threat. Only if they gave such an impression would the cop intervene. See how that is so? See how it is different?

I’ve experienced both states of mind. Yes, the one is natural, the other is conditioned. You have experienced both good digestive health and stomach upset, but they are not both equally positive or supportive of our well being are they?

It’s easier to be impartial when there is no emotion involved. It is not easier to be impartial without emotion. It is easier to be impartial when there is no thinking involved. I have caught people in a so called emotional state very frequently. It used to be quite common in my life. Drunk and disorderly types even act this way. They don’t talk about their emotions, they talk about thoughts, their opinions, their rights. They talk about how things should be. There is no feeling in it. They only express feeling when their train of thought is exhausted.

The belief that emotionless thought has merit is what keeps people locked into the mechanistic meme. It denies their free will. When you experience anything, you both sense and have a feeling simultaneously. When you have a thought, do you both sense and have a feeling simultaneously? Do your thoughts have rhythm? Do they allow flow?

Not when the thought is first, but a sensation can trigger thoughts. Sensations can indeed trigger thoughts. What I seek to illustrate is how the other path is a backwash which is something you don’t want your blood to do in your heart, nor your life energy to do in your mind. When you have a problem do you have a sensation and a feeling simultaneously?

Although, when I am imagining a story in my head, I can trigger strong emotions in myself. Ah yes, story. Story is music. It’s also dance, and it’s what both channels of perception have in common. They both access your autobiographical memory which is centred on your hypo-campus.

If you mean a severe problem, I experience emotion first. I usually have to calm myself so I don’t freak out. Actually, you never experience emotion first with a severe problem. You experience emotion from a severe sensation which you later habitually interpret as a problem.

And that sensation is, “Oh shit!” That’s a potential bridge. It’s actually the “oh shit” reflex that leads to the mystical visions. It was what used to inspire visions of the future, and insights into weather changes and herd movements. We don’t know how to cross that bridge consciously anymore, but it is still possible.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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