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One Love in Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

At this point in the series on Spiritual and Psychic Health, we are in a good place for a recap. We have covered the root chakra, the seat of the undiluted life force. We have covered the sacral chakra, the point of first awareness, feeling based awareness. We have covered the solar chakra, the decision center in our awareness. The point where our natural processes meet our conscious choices.

Today, we are talking about the heart. It’s not as well known a center as people’s use of the word would seem to suggest. We experience mating instinct at the root chakra. We experience the complexities of lust at the second chakra. We are faced with the decision to act on this or defer action at the third chakra. At the fourth, we experience the first traces of true love also called passion or devotion. It’s not a level of our awareness we typically engage on a day to day basis. It usually surfaces most frequently in the lives of those who pursue a path of exclusive spiritual devotion, monks and priests and yogis, mystics and people of that nature.

Is the heart chakra what allows us to bond with other living creatures? It’s the sacral chakra that allows us to bond with other living creatures. It’s the heart chakra that allows us to be aware of why. We bond first on an instinctual level. The feeling of being around living things and in a lush environment makes us feel secure in our own ability to survive.

It tells you the difference between your mothers love and love from a partner? Yes. That awareness originates from the heart chakra.

It gives you the difference in feeling. You still have to use your intellect to figure it out. Yes. The heart doesn’t possess the faculty of discernment. That isn’t for another two centers. The heart gives the capacity for range, breadth, inclusiveness and adaptation. On the level of the heart chakra, there is actually little difference. The heart has what is commonly referred to in reggae music as “one love”.

It’s not the function of the chakras to discern. It’s their function to generate energy from without and within and they help govern the meridians? There is a school of thought that sees the energy centers as divorced from direct consciousness. In my own experience this is partially true. Things tend to arrange themselves in this multiverse in a pattern of analogs, echoes of higher realities if you will. If it exists on our level, it has a parallel in the higher self. This is why we take the structure we do in the first place. Rupert Sheldrake refers to this phenomenon as morphic resonance.

But yes, your flesh and blood organs and the subtle energy that moves through them are not the source of consciousness, but rather vessels of consciousness, and an injured heart organ does not necessarily mean that your spiritual heart has somehow been damaged. On the higher level things have a greater degree of (for lack of a better term) reproductivity. Things persist through a span of time by virtue of this higher force acting in the body. Otherwise, the subtle energy of the body loses direction and becomes arrhythmic until it decays all together.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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