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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Heart Felt in Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Perhaps a question. What is devotion?

Heart felt commitment.

Devotion could be strengthened by the chakras, but it’s not an expression of them. This is true. It’s sensed in them, but does not have them for its source. The chakras are just relay centers for our higher state of existence. The chakras are sort of like the input devices on your computer.

Still, unless you cleanse your chakras and manipulate them, your feelings (whatever they are) are going to be duller. I can always tell when I’ve been neglecting my chakras. Yes. Gum your keyboard up and communication can get much more garbled. The energy centers are also the channels that allow for the manifestation of the body in the first place, and they crystallize patterns for expression in this world.

So how do we know something is heart felt? There is also a sense of power. We know something is hot on many levels. We experience something so primal as heart and being burned on multiple levels. The internal proprioceptive pain, the sympathetic response of other parts of the body that aren’t actually suffering the injury, even the thoughts and fears associated with our idea of what it is to be burned. But we don’t normally consciously distinguish between these.

Is that why you often feel pain when your partner is in pain? Yes. Sympathetic pain can be a manifestation of that.

Could you explain internal proprioceptics? Proprioceptics is your sense of where you are in your environment. That is also your sense of where parts of you are in relationship to other parts, and it is the framework of your internal visualization of self. We experience a large aspect of ourselves only with the awareness of what we are not and where we are not.

So, what is the heart if it isn’t desire? And by the heart I mean that facet of awareness. It is actually not our desires. The heart is the seat of our perception of wholeness. It’s at the level of the heart that we become aware of wholeness, and we begin to perceive the meaning of wholeness in ourselves and the world around us. That sense we have when, though we may not like a thing, we are aware that it is still as it should be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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