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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Book Of Life in Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

The heart is the book of life, pretty much synonymous with what some call the akashic record. It’s at this level that we have our first real experience of full memory.

Isn’t the akashic record really an expression of the collective unconscious? It’s the heart of all of us, not just one person. Indeed. In fact, your flesh and blood have been inherited by you from a countless stream of other life forms. The matter that makes up your physical incarnation is borrowed and will be reclaimed after a time.

Is it the heart that makes a baby know his mothers voice? Yes, and the heart of the newborn has not yet begun to differentiate between the experience of the mother and the experience of the self.

So if “your flesh and blood have been inherited by you from a countless stream of other life forms”, then we really are not individuals are we? We are individuals in that we spring from a process of individuation in the world. The world brings distinct forms into appearance to encapsulate aspects of the broader awareness that is evolving in this world and all others. To speak metaphorically, the mind of God arises from a symbiotic interaction of all possible minds at all possible times in all possible spaces. No part can be negated without compromising the whole, and although a form might not seem to persist throughout all time, it persists indefinitely in collective memory.

Would you say the same way to reach higher intelligence is the way to the akashic records? I would. If the body is a temple, the heart is the altar.

The focus of awareness is not the active agent of change. When your heart is in something, you experience that moment or that event as all encompassing. In that moment of music or art or any endeavour really, or that moment of true rest, you feel a sense of oneness with all of existence. This is often a fleeting experience. This is why the Japanese compare the experience to being struck by lightning. It happens only very briefly, but you never forget it.

The eureka moment? Yes, exactly.

When I loose the heart of an activity it devolves into a bunch of parts. Scattered. That is a sign of being in an activity without your heart being in it, yes.

I got struck with an image of all the parts rolling to different parts of a room, under a couch, bed, book shelf. Indeed. When you have a to do list you cease having much room to be. The heart is the threshold of the being awareness. The elemental aspects of consciousness of being manifest in what some call the baser instincts. Sensations and drives, hunger, stress, lust, the base passions.

Do you see little benefit to having a bucket list? And how good it feels to cross something off? Actually, I think the bucket list is in a sense genetic. Genetic being having its root in a source or origin.

I am horrible with to-do lists. I find I am most productive when I follow what my heart wants. The heart awareness does spread the whole world out to your inner eye rather than structuring it in a series of opening and closing doors as the third chakra awareness presents it.

I think what your heart wants IS your list and you never forget what is on it and it’s ok to change you mind, right? A lot of people think it doesn’t count if you change. It is more than okay. It’s vital when there is disharmony in your inner being, and what counts is what occurs in your process. Not necessarily what happens in the often superficial events as they actualize in the physical world.

In the metaphor of alchemy, a spirit was an agent of change, a catalyst, and not a stable structure itself. The spirit combines with different things to express itself in multiple forms, but is not confined to any single expression. It cannot be isolated in any absolute sense.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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