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Experience Of Devotion in Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Experiences of devotion. Anyone care to share?

Coming to class here on Reflection Island. What is that experience like? I feel good that I am showing devotion to my spirit as well as to friends. They are both something I treasure. Feel whole with that in your life? Yes. What else makes you feel whole?

Cookies. Friends. Singing, generally. You have a life to the degree that you have a heart.

Maybe music because hearing is one of the first senses to develop? And nice sounds are always familiar ones. Touch is the very first.

Music seems to be at the heart of most of us. Music touches the heart in a special way. Oddly, cooking can do it sometimes. Making good wholesome food that everyone loves is a nurturing thing I guess. I feel happy when everyone is yumming over what I cook. The way of the heart can be found in the whole world. It’s a gentle breath that runs through all experience, but some things let us feel more free to breath than others.

Food is one of the first nurturing we get. People gather to eat. Gathering can be moments of awareness for us and we can either notice the elements of wholeness or become aware of elements of separateness.

Success is in the heart. Trying is in the will. Lying is in the throat. This is why we say words get stuck in our throat.

So lying will affect the throat? I’ve noticed that the voice often changes pitch when someone is lying. Yes.

It’s been said when Kundalini rises in men they have things like heart attacks, but women have lung/throat type stuff more because of the way we stifle. Women learn not to say certain things. Men learn not to feel. Withholding expression leads to lies of omission.

Then it makes a blockage? Yes. So as the heart is the seat of memory, every chakra retains elements of karma.

Then how do men (and women) have the Kundalini rise without the effects? Tantra attempts to answer that question.

We learn to clear those blockages? Blockages are resistance. It helps to get clear that non-resistance is not the same as obsession. The heart is a bridge. The messages are cars. Each needs to get off the bridge for it to serve as the vital path it is. Things have to be “gotten off your chest”.

You can try talking to the other persons higher self when you’re angry with them. That has been known to work wonders. Anger in a rigid form can be a problem. Anger is one state of the hearts energy and can transform when we let it.

Anger can be used as a bridge to higher emotions. It can be used to clear things. It is superior to apathy.

At some level, every path on the planet (all the worlds spiritual traditions) are to help you clear those blockages. I agree. In Hindu mysticism they say all paths lead to the absolute, just with differing degrees of directness and differing measures of suffering.

Hmm… I will be honest. My heart is in my part of these events only off and on. They often just seem to underscore a sense of difference and division between whatever I am and am supposed to do, and what people perceive and want these events to be. I respect peoples wills in these situations, but feel ill equipped to understand some things that occur. My heart differs.

I have no desire to force my will on the situation, but also not my presence either. My general disposition is to leave these topics and events in other peoples lives well enough alone.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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