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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Take The Heart To The Root in Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Can the heart be conditioned? I find when I drink wine, then my heart opens up and I am more accepting and loving. The heart cannot be conditioned. But the will and the senses can be, and they can become quite rigid and noisy. The will can seem to relax when we partake of something like wine, and the drive of the senses become softer.

A small amount of alcohol can help can’t it? It helps a shy person be able to talk to a pretty girl? It actually does no such thing. It just quiets the other centers so the heart surfaces more obviously. This is the reason why they have said, “in vino veritas.” Forgive my spotty Latin. In wine, truth. It’s in the heart that we find truth. The wine just alters our experience of the body.

Are some people’s hearts more naturally loving then others? All hearts as a rule are loving, but love is not confined to a single expression.

Can music open the heart or is it just drowning out other centers too? Music opens the heart as it opens the channel between the heart and the next chakra above it. The seat of our story, the throat chakra, and the reason why we so often describe things as a pain in the neck.

What music opens ones heart is different for everyone. It is individual. Since the heart as a universal force is all inclusive, the objects of the individual hearts wisdom can include anything in existence. The heart is a reflecting pool, and you are the being gazing into it. Some people, when they first really experience the heart, fall into a narcissus like pattern. They become enamoured of what they see there until they lose their functionality. It takes great wisdom to get over ones own wisdom. This is perhaps something I myself have not achieved.

Is it as simple as use it or lose it? The heart must need exercise too. Use it or be lost in it. It isn’t enough to feel at one with God. To feel a sense of transcendent peace and love it needs to be grounded in the process of what we consider the mundane. One must bring it into the body, and in that sense follow the path of the worlds acknowledged avatars. Embody the God principle so that all may share in the bliss. You basically have to live your genuine conscience rather than get stuck in preaching or enforcing the choices that lock us into the throat chakra or the solar chakra.

Can we get stuck just enjoying the feeling? Yes. That is holding the heart in the sacral chakra. Just enjoying the feeling that the universe wants us and will let us be ourselves. We have to take the heart to the root, but that is frightening. The libido, or id to use terms from psychology, the inner animal or monster. It must enter the temple of the heart and become reconciled with the wisdom of the heart.

That would put the heart out in the world? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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