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You can learn from good things. It requires a different skill set maybe. Today’s culture doesn’t teach us. It teaches us to solve problems. To look for issues and “fix” that.

Our Footprint in Karma


There is a Chinese concept, they call it doing non doing. We are busy doing, and we aren’t even where we are because we are so busy doing and thinking about doing. In doing non doing you just do without making yourself do stuff. You are present to the doing with no agenda. You just be present for the steps of baking a cake. When you have to do something it’s karma. When you consciously choose to do something it’s grace.

What is karma? Reaction. For every action there’s an equal and opposing reaction or consequence.

Is karma a good or bad thing? Karma is the idea of good and bad things. If you label some things good and some things bad, then you aren’t really making choices. You will naturally choose anything that’s considered good, but we don’t judge these things well. All action that’s connected to you is a part of your doing, even if it just means you were looking.

If karma is a reaction on what you did, how come there aren’t more people rewarded and others punished for what they did? It isn’t reward or punishment.  Also, we may think we did a good thing, even be praised for what we did, yet it can still have negative consequences and that is still our karma.

Is karma following us to our next life? The world has a memory and we keep the lessons we learn. It’s the cycle and either embracing it or resisting it that determines whether we will seem to have karma from a past life.

Let’s say I was a horrible bitch here, and I get another life. Would it be possible that I start all over again? It is indeed possible to start over, but you don’t even need a whole new life. With understanding you can start over even right now.

I want to know about my past and future life. Well you can even now, because all the things that seem to be the theme of your life, the context it’s in, that you didn’t choose but are learning from, those stem from your previous life. Nothing in the world spiritual or physical is ever out of context.

What has karma to do with our presence? Karma is our presences footprint. When we can be present our karma won’t appear to operate independent of our awareness. When we are fully present we won’t attribute an activity now to our past. That sense of past won’t matter, not in being here now.

The future is not here right now, correct? The future is here now, but if you are present the future is clear because it will stem from what you already know now and not what you imagine of fear.

So if I turn my back to the past, I can’t see it anymore. But I will be able to see the future because that is right in front of me? You can see the past now. It’s what got you here now. But if you are present to your karma, you won’t be caught in the force of the past. You will choose anew now, rather than just make the same observations you always did.  This would be how we evolve as a soul.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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