'Karma' Chapter


Our energies are felt by others. When you’re in a “up” mood, you may notice you run into people feeling the same. But, nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Karma is not good or bad, it is a set of potentials and there are two components to everything; what happens and how you react.

I can argue we are 100 percent karma, cause and effect from conception to death. But it would seem that some strange attractor pattern gives us the phenomenon we refer to as free will. Thus the power of intention, and the adoption of ritual which is a way to articulate intention.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Wayne Dyer

Karmic Forces

Karma is sort of a tricky topic. Karma isn’t a force unto itself. It is more an aspect of other forces in life, like thought and emotion. Everything that transpires around us, and in us, has a karmic trait to… Seek More

Connection and Pattern

Is karma just incidental? No. It is a principle of interconnectivity, not unlike gravity in space. Our spirits have a gravity, and it can attract good things like the light of the sun, or bad things like comets. Our spirit… Seek More

First Karma

Where does the first karma come from to get the whole karmic ball rolling? The first karma comes from a state of existence that permeates all others. The ground of being. It serves as a sort of infrastructure for all… Seek More

Things Happen

We have had terrible things happen in our lives. Things we did not choose. These terrible things aren’t necessarily your karma. You don’t exist in a void. For example, you do not choose another’s suicide. They do. If someone chooses to… Seek More

Weight of our Choices

Karma isn’t about what you do to one person. It is about the entire weight of your choices. Do you generally foster well being? This doesn’t promise you will never suffer. But tell me, do any of you know anyone… Seek More

Truth in Virtual Reality

We live in one world. This world as we make it isn’t false. The flesh and blood world is out of flesh and blood, but we didn’t make those. We didn’t make the world. We didn’t even make our real… Seek More

Cause and Effect

Life seems naturally contiguous. Thought and mood and action and reaction, there is no break in that cycle that I can see. Like we are all dancing to the same mad piper in the middle of a fairy ring made… Seek More

Our Footprint

There is a Chinese concept, they call it doing non doing. We are busy doing, and we aren’t even where we are because we are so busy doing and thinking about doing. In doing non doing you just do without… Seek More