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Hi, low and in between also. You should always greet people however they approach you. I think we should greet people with the word “Sideways”, it’s much more dynamic.

Weight of our Choices in Karma


Karma isn’t about what you do to one person. It is about the entire weight of your choices.

Do you generally foster well being? This doesn’t promise you will never suffer. But tell me, do any of you know anyone who genuinely fosters the well being of others who seem to never be able to prosper themselves in any way? They may not prosper materially, but they generally have other assets do they not? Even those who seem to have material prosperity can have very impoverished lives. And when that material prosperity fails, they tend to be the wino who talks about the career they once had and how well they were doing, and they often don’t recover. Have you ever observed this?

There is a man who lives in my city. Nice man. Generous to a fault, and totally destitute and homeless. He was a successful business executive, but lost his mind. So now spends his days doing things he always believed in. He drags a ramshackle cart around picking up garbage off the side of the road and dumping it properly elsewhere, and is not very aware of his environment. Doesn’t seem to much care anymore. He pursued what everyone saw as success and succeeded. The karma or consequences of it tore him down. Achieving what was expected and not what he wanted made him mad. He doesn’t want money and doesn’t pan handle here. He accepts food and water from people sometimes. He just does what he does. That is what he wanted, what he needed, and what he didn’t find. He perhaps has it now, but his body and mind were ravaged before he found it. This wasn’t necessary.

How to avoid that fate? You have to see the weight of things. It doesn’t matter what people think. This is why the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for many people. You don’t get what you think you want. You get what you are. You get what comes from within you, and if you ignore the weight of those feelings, those intuitions, then the consequences will still arise.

That inner you is not some strange remote ideal. It’s a very real fact. It is part of why I like the virtual world of Second Life so much.  People actualize more of their inner selves there, but then say “It’s just a game” or even “It’s just chatting.” Words have power. The ancient magi and their peers knew this. Incantations, chanting, litanies and fervent prayer. These weren’t the activities of idiots. Perhaps they weren’t fully understood, but words do have power as do symbols. There is karma even in Second Life and you carry it with you even when you log off. Abuse someone there and you will remember it, and likely did it because you are angry in your real life. To say this virtual world isn’t real is delusional to my view. It is to embrace a shallow vision.

What isn’t real is the Lamborghini that Rick dude up on snob hill drives. That position of power in the local government Joe so and so has because he thought he deserved it and has no thought at all for leadership, but it’s just honourable to be mayor.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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