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Will matters and your will is free.

Truth in Virtual Reality in Karma


We live in one world. This world as we make it isn’t false. The flesh and blood world is out of flesh and blood, but we didn’t make those. We didn’t make the world. We didn’t even make our real nature. But it’s funny that it takes virtual reality to show us what’s real, and to allow us to show more of what’s real in us. Isn’t it?

I got involved in the “Second Life” virtual world to see people more deeply. I did in real life too, but was wondering if there would be more honesty in Second Life. And my, what a strange world Second Life is. But the truth is stranger than the fiction and much more valuable. Second Life isn’t the fiction. Form there reflects a truth, perhaps deeper than physical appearance. In many ways, it is more true than what someone looks like in real life. I am poor in real life. I can only dress in cheap clothing mostly, and other factors of my personality affect my appearance. Is that the real me? That all can change.

Your Second Life self may resemble your real life self as well. I don’t see that as a fault. It is part of who you are, but you can go deeper there. For me, my real life appearance (my flesh and blood) never fit. It was never me. Everyone always said I was so strange, that I behaved otherworldly. Well, they were right, and they were also wrong. It was a half truth. They saw only my obvious abnormalities, and said I was out of touch with reality because I didn’t act normal. I was acting normal and do act normal now. Normal for me. According to my nature.

At times, I scare those who get to know me well, and I am only now getting to accept the karma of that. But the scariness isn’t from me tormenting them. I don’t abuse or threaten. It’s because my nature is so different, and often the strangeness I bring into their lives is…wait for it…true. :shock: Someone once told me I was afraid to let myself be human. Honestly, I was afraid to let myself be what I am, and they reinforced that fear. So I dealt with the karma of that denial, and it has built some tension in me that I need never have had.

Afraid of letting others see what you are? I know that fear. Even in Second Life, though I have adopted a proper symbol for my nature, people still have very shallow reactions.  So let’s perhaps see the truth in us.

They say the truth will set you free or drive you mad? Perhaps the madness isn’t, and the popular sanity is mad. Find freedom within and watch what happens around you, also. I know I need my freedom. This daemon (please reference the original term) needs to be unchained. Prometheus was punished unjustly. I still fear people because they live from fear, and what they do in the name of their fears.  Yes, it scares me.

Your thoughts are welcome, and join us at our Second Life home of Reflection Island.  Join our group ‘One World, Many Paths’ and participate in our on-line discussions. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Truth in Virtual Reality”

  1. Belafonte

    I have been searching for the truth and a sense of reality almost from everywhere with respect to what connects us. As a result, I have started reading the bible from the beginnings of Genesis, and if I do not find it there, I give up.

  2. Vicki De Luca

    I live my life in a searching mode, I believe if one is not continually questioning, one is not alive! I am always searching and will always do so.

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