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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

Things Happen in Karma


We have had terrible things happen in our lives. Things we did not choose. These terrible things aren’t necessarily your karma. You don’t exist in a void.

For example, you do not choose another’s suicide. They do. If someone chooses to jump off a cliff, I can’t really stop them. It is the same with karma. Our situations are often two part. In part the consequence of another’s action, and in part how you are choosing to react to it. Suicide has weight, but it has a differing weight for you than for them. Differing impact. You’re a bystander to the act. But their act can have a snowball effect. All acts do to a greater or lesser degree.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Things happen to people. In all things we are accountable. Your actions echo and can be heard. Though perhaps no authority steps forward to correct you (authority is a human construct), you are heard and responded to. It often bounces off innocent walls before its return, and the innocence magnifies the return. The weight of innocence on your karma? That can be a terrible burden.

We do have feelings of genuine sorrow and some more then others. There are imbalances, but they are from how people deal. You can see how people make major issues out of little things, and they compound the problems making consequences that aren’t necessary.  Others can embody something people need to see, but as of yet we often haven’t seen.

The truth sets you free and you don’t forget, but you do learn. I could elaborate on my experiences real and paranormal (considering most don’t consider the latter real), but instead I will just ask you this. In your gut, do my words have weight? Substance even if you don’t understand them yet? If not, then all I can say is I hope there is no harm done.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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