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Patriarchal Society in Gypsy


Gypsies are a patriarchal society, but they do not see women as cattle. In fact, their marriage ceremonies are rather informal. Two who wish to be married come before the tribes head man and state their intent promising to be loyal to each other. Then they are considered married. Keep in mind their view of breaking promises.

Men lead because they are seen as the ones who should be responsible for dealing with the outside world. They can interact with outsiders and not bring the outsiders taint home. But what makes a man the leader of his clan, at least in part, is having an aggressive wife. A woman who has become a house holder in their culture is very well respected, and a grandmother even more so.

Sounds a lot like native Indian society, elders respected. It is a bit like it.

They do believe in a spirit world, and they do believe that spirits can make bad luck for people. So much of their magickal practice is based on interacting with these spirits. Anyone with a mediumistic gift is very important to them though they have ways of tracking spirit activity even without a medium, and when someone is dying they make a point of making amends to the dying person for any hurt feelings they may have incurred. Because well, have you heard the threat “I will come back to haunt you!”? They take that literally. Many of their stories relate to events of that nature.

The remorse is what they mean I take it? Or a physical haunting? Metaphysical haunting. They believe that the spirits of the dead cause events. If you were kind to your dear old granny, she will look over you and guide your women. If you were disrespectful, she would make people angry at you, and it is much harder to deal with after they die. Unclean. Their purity laws… It doesn’t really translate to good and evil like westerners think. To Gypsy people the dead are unclean, not evil, but possessed of power that’s disruptive of life. A family in mourning is considered unclean for a time, and are left to themselves for a prescribed period of time.

Gypsy people avoid doing anything that would get the Devils attention, not because of fear the Devil will corrupt their souls, but because they believe the Devil being active in your community will make life harder, make you unlucky. They seek to show God respect, because they believe that is how their families will have peace and good health. Not because they are trying to get to heaven. They don’t have the obsessive focus on heaven.

Any consideration given to reincarnation? They believe in it. This is why they aren’t concerned with ideas of heaven. Their loved ones will be reborn back into the tribe.

What is behind their traveling lifestyle? That is actually incidental, though not entirely as Indian cultures were originally somewhat nomadic as is in evidence with the spread of Aryan culture. Gypsies are part Aryan. Russian architecture was influenced by that ancient culture as was their original belief system. In fact, the Amish hex marks are connected to Gypsy culture, and their is a tribe of Gypsies that have an informal alliance with the Amish people. They actually share some values, even often to the point of having the same faith.

There is a magickal explanation for their nomadic lifestyle as well. Places can become unclean, unlucky. They will remain if they think they can counter the bad luck, but will move on if their magick doesn’t seem to be working.

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