'Gypsy' Chapter


Gypsies do not have a single tradition. The Gypsy people actually originated from India. Some migrated through northern Africa and is why they got the name Gypsy. It’s an adaptation of the Greek word for Egyptian, but they are not Egyptian. They do believe in a spirit world, and they do believe that spirits can make bad luck for people. So much of their magickal practice is based on interacting with these spirits.

If you are practicing any magick, it’s possible it had been carried by Gypsies, even originated with them. It’s just as possible it had nothing to do with them.

“It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature than that of the Gypsy.” Franz Liszt

“The dog that trots about finds a bone.” Gypsy Proverbs

Gypsy Magick

Tonight’s topic is Gypsy Magick. It’s kind of a hard topic to talk about as they do not have a single tradition. They are not a single tribe for one, and they do not all engage in entertainment for a… Seek More

Patriarchal Society

Gypsies are a patriarchal society, but they do not see women as cattle. In fact, their marriage ceremonies are rather informal. Two who wish to be married come before the tribes head man and state their intent promising to be… Seek More

Roma Spirituality

Back to magic. The Gypsy people do not believe the practice of magick is evil, but they do believe it can be practiced foolishly and cause harm. From their point of view, you respect God and look for his/her hand… Seek More

Gypsy Belief

Gypsy people do believe in possession, and they do believe that those possessed are under the influence of the Devil. But again, it’s not about evil. They do believe in werewolves and such, but it’s more just an accident than… Seek More

Gyspy Family

Gypsy people work as an extended family and they play the same way. Brother John isn’t poor, the clan is poor. Sister Sue isn’t unhappy, the clan is unhappy. There is a reason you don’t hear of Gypsy people “escaping”.… Seek More

Luck Of The Gypsy

Does superstition come from Gypsy beliefs? Not just. The Gypsy people picked up a lot of beliefs, but some they never embraced and still don’t. The word superstition means surviving belief, and they make a point of avoiding practices and… Seek More