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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Personal Narrative in Cognitive Semantics

Cognitive Semantics

Shall we get into personal narrative?

Your autobiographical memory is not autobiographical. Professionals say mine is poor because it doesn’t conform to the structure they expect in a “healthy” person, but your autobiographical memory, as they call it, was written by other people, encoded in the language of the social brain which reacts naturally and automatically to anything you see, hear or otherwise experience. The “ink” of this story was human emotion. The layout was attentional direction. The format was dictated not by you, but by the body language of everyone involved in any of the events.

And theirs was also so-determined. Yes, based on a rough draft that to date has remained in the hands of a “ghost writer.” They figure out what is needed to get attention as they figure out this is the only way to be noticed and effect their biography, i.e. their message to the world.

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I think this is why people rebel. Indeed. So people aren’t writing new stories.

I rebel, therefore I am. And that’s the reason we aren’t writing new stories.

We are taught the homeless person is scary, which means “don’t look.” We are taught that authorities are more powerful than us, which means “mind your own business.” Another don’t look message? Is there anything in the stories we work with that carries any other message?

Hope? Compassion” Forgiveness?

When a wolf growls at a subordinate in its pack, that means “turn your eyes down”, don’t look again. So this don’t look message seems to play a heavy social role, does it not? Directing intention, reserving the right of attention for the few.

Yes, but we don’t have to buy into it, do we? You are correct. We don’t have to buy into it. But why haven’t notions of peace, hope and forgiveness become the norm? When someone talks about world peace, it sounds wonderful doesn’t it? And also weak, no?

Can’t control people with those notions. It’s true you can’t control people with those, and the understanding necessary to use those constructively seems in short supply, even adequate comprehension seems lacking.

I wonder what would happen if dictators demanded their subjects be peaceful (to others, I mean, those outside the dictator’s domain). If they demanded their subjects be peaceful there would be war. This is why dictators fall.

There is an element of experience, of human nature that seems to date to be almost asleep, but still there. Sleeps fitfully. I wager it sleeps because of the hypnotic drone of social language, the repeated assurances that everything is understood, that everything is ok.

Hope“? Is everything ok?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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