'Cognitive Semantics' Chapter

Cognitive Semantics

We function not in the real world, but in a virtual reality even when nowhere near our computers. We need our perceptions to be real enough to be functional, but we cannot make them perfectly accurate. You are what you are because you have agreed according to protocol to not be otherwise, and you continue to observe the same communications protocol while you change.

What we learn in acquiring language are social habits, rules or tack on subroutines to the core system of human interaction. The language attempts to direct intention.

Without Words

Can you think without words? Maybe that would depend on the sort of thinking it is. I often think in images and then would have to translate that into words. I think so, but we’re not practiced at seeing it… Seek More

Special Effects

The order is illusory, but when I speak of things being illusory, that’s not a criticism. Illusion is pragmatic. We function not in the real world, but in a virtual reality even when nowhere near our computers. We need our… Seek More

Coherent Structure

Is the medium the same thing as the information? Is the map the territory or information about the territory? The map is neither of those things. But the medium can shape and change the perception of the information. We have to… Seek More

An End to a Means

At the early stage of consciousness, you experience time and space as complex event matrices, and by referring to it as a stage I don’t mean to imply a temporal sequence. This is all atemporal. As you sort through the… Seek More

Intentional Channel

Everything on our planet has a language, either passive or dynamic. From whale song to human speech, every living thing on this planet expresses patterns of intention. Even plants have a dynamic language, it’s just very slow from our point… Seek More

Personal Narrative

Shall we get into personal narrative? Your autobiographical memory is not autobiographical. Professionals say mine is poor because it doesn’t conform to the structure they expect in a “healthy” person, but your autobiographical memory, as they call it, was written… Seek More

Our Other Mind

There is a whole domain of consciousness that has been evolving alongside this that has come to dominate out current world. There is a theory that roughly amounts to the notion that humanity used to have a “bicameral” mind, and… Seek More

Assert the Other Mind

I have a strange question for you. Are you all somewhat agitated right now? Hmmm, yes and no. A part of me is agitated, but another part of me is delighted and calm. Is it something I said that agitated… Seek More