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My prize is in seeing.

Assert the Other Mind in Cognitive Semantics

Cognitive Semantics

I have a strange question for you. Are you all somewhat agitated right now?

Hmmm, yes and no. A part of me is agitated, but another part of me is delighted and calm. Is it something I said that agitated you?

You’re bringing focus to what I have already experienced. That part of your mind is sensing an opportunity to achieve some mobility. You need neither get out of its way, not stand in its way, but rather stand beside it.

Trying to assert itself. Yes. It can assert itself with you as its agent, its PR person. That’s its primary occupation these days, and its understanding seems “mysterious” does it not?

It seems somewhat miraculous. Well, it need not be mysterious. It can be just as readily available as what you already have at hand, but it does require learning and modification of your pre-existing mental constructs. Like making way for a newer, more powerful processor to go in alongside the primary one, you have to modify the circuit first.

Make room for new information(s). Yes. New channels of information, new levels of analysis and association, new dimensions of creative thought.

A new order? In a sense, yes, a new order, but where can this all start?

New stories? Which means new interactions, new intentional behaviour, but it starts with how we talk to ourselves, and I don’t mean English or Spanish or French or any other lexicon. It would show up perhaps first in body language.

Although new language might help? Learning a new language to change how we talk? Indeed, coming to understand unfamiliar cultural concepts and beliefs would help, a language of these things. Turn our idols into letters, turn our goals into personal insight, or vice versa, and be the hand that does the writing as what you write is your message to the whole world.

This is why the saying ‘If you can’t meditate, travel.’ They both throw off our habitual patterns. This is why pilgrimages are an ancient spiritual practice.

I ponder ‘Be the silence that hears.’ Be the silence that hears, and listen carefully, then speak. At this point our society is engaged in baby talk, almost meaningless babble, but there is something available to listen to. Be coyote, be Buddha, be Ganesh, then be you again. Understand that the ground of being is open, and anything we would build of lasting value is built on this, not on simple soil.

Memes, right now, are like the smelly mess an infant leaves when it didn’t like its lunch. We can go further than that, but only when we see the reality and stop ignoring it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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