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Look within and look around. You are not lost.

Planning in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

We plan too much and never live in the moment, and what does this planning ever really merit? Has anyone found meaning in plans that I don’t know about?

But surely planning is important if we want to live? If no-one ever planted an apple tree intending for someone to eat apples in the future? That is not planning, that is knowing. Even our instincts grasp cause and effect. To use the Chinese term, it’s a knowing of the Tao or natural way that no amount of words can effectively speak of, but we know very intimately anyway. Planning is an effort to “rig the game”. If it works, it’s despite us not because of us. We cannot create what we will not let ourselves be.

We feel so terrible when plans go a bit off? i.e. weddings. People often do feel terrible when their plans go awry, because on some level they know they were out of touch with something. It makes them feel insecure to think that life operates without them, and that they don’t see some part of it.

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We can think. It’s ok to think, but as one of my favourite comedian says, “We need to get our priorities crooked.” (Mitch Hedberg) In feng shui they notice that things tend to favour curves, rounds, not sharp angles. Straight line thinking is well … What else is straight lines? Prison bars are, yes? Everything that curves tends to let us through.

I’m thinking of that comedians joke about ‘crazy straws’. They are also crooked. Indeed, and a crazy straw won’t likely poke you in the eye. Its curves make it more visible, but they still allow you to drink your milkshake. They still do the job.

Long straight roads are really boring to drive. Dangerous too as they induce road hypnosis. People tend to be safer on curvy roads as they have to be more alert. We understand this message even subconsciously. When someone seems to do what they want despite the rules, we often say they are “crooked”, but they tend to wind up behind straight lines or bars. The reason being is they commit these crimes because they believe they “have to”. Are they really engaging in original thought?

So, our instincts… Are they ever thrown off when things don’t go according to plan? Or is it more that your thinking mind/ego is embarrassed, because somehow you “failed”?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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