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The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Connecting in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

Connecting one to one is for understanding. That is the purpose, and really it’s the purpose to any human interaction. In the broader sense, they call it love. But the originating spirit in us, the level of consciousness that precedes our ideation about communication and life itself, is rarely apprehended or approached with much understanding. It isn’t “rational” so it’s judged poorly, but it isn’t rational because its nature is inclusive rather than divisive. Rationality is inherently divisionary.

Categorizing? Yes, and we don’t listen to this originating part of ourselves until things “make sense”, and often exclude its guidance because it calls us to do things that don’t fit into our narrow conscious mind language. Thus low self esteem and a lack of self knowledge is more a rule than an exception in today’s life.

Fear of losing ones mind. Our society today constantly demands “be rational”, which is funny because there is really little evidence of it around us. We fear losing our minds, and thereby lose them.

We don’t know ourselves to be able to like us… We declare ourselves poor, at least in our secret thoughts, all the while throwing the gold of that pure spirit away as useless because it doesn’t “make sense”. Of course we don’t like our rational minds, but we do believe it’s what we actually are; stale, dry, desiccated, dead. Our souls seem to exist as mummies in tombs of monolithic, institutional thought.

We are told not to be impulsive. It’s supposedly not responsible. I will agree that ignoring your needs for food and shelter would be irresponsible, but how many of us have a deep seated inspiration to steal the food from our own mouths? Who is so selfishly obsessed with some supposedly psychotic impulse that they would hurt themselves by sabotaging their survival? It isn’t our impulses that are psycho. It’s the thinking that is built up around them that can be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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