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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

You Are The Point in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

When you succeed at a goal even though it didn’t go like you planned, do you gain as much as if everything goes according to plan? Do you learn anything from your successes?

You learn more from disasters, and your originating spirit doesn’t actually care about anything other than the goal or the finished product. The reason it doesn’t care about anything other than the goal, because everything else is false. It’s fears and ideas in your own thinking. It cares about you and the goal is you. You are the point of everything. This is why some part of you seems to get frustrated when you insist that you need to stop and “think”. Anyone not experience this at least sometimes?

We gain more when it’s off the plan some, perhaps that’s why the saying “it’s better to be lucky then good“? Yes, that’s why.

I heard a great quote on the food network about failing. There was a contest to find the next food network star and one of the contestants said I may fail, but I will fail at the right thing. That makes all the difference. This is what was meant in the poem that refers to the road less traveled. Plenty of people do things right, because that isn’t original. They learned to do it right, because someone before them already did it wrong.

How can we know we will fail until it happens? Also true, We can’t. It’s the doing that matters, not our thinking as we are taught to understand it. We can make fire, because someone burned themselves. We can practice medicine, because someone bled to death. We can devise tools, because someone got really frustrated and tired doing it the hard way, and not for any other reason. So what are we afraid of that makes us so psychotically thinky?

To be thought less of? I would love to be thought less of. Would give me a lot more freedom.

Some of those mistake can cost lives. I would imagine that would be really disheartening? Making no mistakes has cost lives too. Following the rules has lead people to kill each other. Remember the Nazis? You don’t see the flaw till the fail. You don’t see the evil until it’s been done. Until then you’re sure it’s moral and Hitler didn’t survive his war.

Choosing to decide against your originating spirit is a choice, but if you won’t follow your own, you will be following someone else’s. I promise, and well… So far we haven’t had a great track record there. It has been the blind leading the blind. Advert, convert … same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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