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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Be An Artist in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

Anyone not have impulses? I know I do, and aren’t artists known for being impulsive? It’s almost a stereotype.

Well, it is true, and any artist can tell you the difference between you and them is not what’s in your head, but how they feel about it. For an artist, an impulse is powerful like feeling a steady rain. For others they are inclined to do as they are taught. Grin and bear the rain, because they have “more important” things to do. They aren’t supposed to be responsive, and someone else is always responsible.

We can all be artists. I prefer to get out of the rain, unless I really need or want to experience rain. When you get into the impulses you have been taught to ignore, it will be the first time you ever got out of them. For the “disciplined” people here, have you gotten away from your impulses yet? Frustrated with that yet?

It’s a big thing to give up. Yes. It is very freeing. But all these “crazy” impulses, this divine madness that people in general feel they can’t touch… Well, you don’t have to touch it. It’s still touching you, and you’re crying out to a parent who isn’t listening anymore that your sibling is touching you.

Some impulses are for survival. Sudden visceral premonitions that warn and guide? That’s the originating spirit too, and the craziness that our impulses will supposedly make us do, is not the impulse. Anyone have an impulse to refuse to eat for the rest of their life today? Or did you get an impulse to get up and have breakfast? Did you do something else crazy? Or would someone hearing about the impulse say you were being wise even though you weren’t trying to be? Or maybe they would say you are being creative, and then reflect on some “strange” idea they entertain in secret? How will you help them find their way if you won’t let yourself have yours? What did we learn without stupidity? Though I would change that, what did we learn without foolishness? Stupidity is static. Foolishness is fun.

As Seal says in one of his songs “Oh no we’re never gonna survive, unless we get a little bit crazy”. How many people know sane people? Can you tell me about this sane persons physical health?

Oh, a lot of chronic conditions. Crippling in time, because everything has to be solid. That belief tends to manifest solid blood. They call those blood clots.

For me true sanity is letting go, and let the child play in all his splendour. I would agree with that understanding of real sanity.

There is the Native Hawaiian cultures view of sanity. They didn’t lose it yet. For them it’s the visitors and those who get stressed who are lolo. Lolo is anyone who got disconnected from original spirit.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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