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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Originating Spirit in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

Spirit was originally the concept of an active agent. Spirit was anything that caused things to happen and was not some abstract, lifeless force. Quite the opposite.

In the old world, things being guided by life was just a given. Our ancestors had good instincts, even if they were mostly busy surviving. They also had plenty of time to reflect. They were very in touch with their world, even if it was mostly the sky and the field they tended. They were still very aware of what they were doing. Now, we are very aware of our thinking, but what was I doing? … Oh yes, I was explaining originating spirit. Something that can’t actually be explained, but we all know it anyway.

It is what makes us seek peace when otherwise we think we are very angry. Originating spirit is what tells us that it’s really more important to have peace in our homes than to win our arguments, but it isn’t the part we listen to. It’s too obvious, and we all have it in common. It’s so common, even universal, how can it be clever or wise? So instead we think. Who do we think we are, that who we are has to be what we think? Last I checked, if my thoughts are disrupted I’m still me, and if I do something foolish I’m still me.

Aloha. Yes, aloha is a good sentiment for today’s topic. Good concept. Aloha implies respect for the originating spirit of whoever you greet. It sort of gets past all the thinkiness. It is no mystery we want to get past the thinking self. If the thinking self is all we are, we are in trouble. I have delved, and do still delve deeply into human thinking. I have for a very long time as I have a morbid streak. ;-) For every problem we have, we have a thinking that blocks our acceptance of what our original self gives us freely and constantly.

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So, what do we have when we aren’t thinking? Does nothing go on in our consciousness? Do things get static when we don’t think? Why is thoughtlessness a vice? I find thought comes most easily to me, and I go more deeply into it when I’m not thinking. When I just sit and let my awareness be what it is, and not insist that it bend in half. If we can’t survive our bodies bending in half, how are we healthy if our minds do?

Might there be a need to redefine? Hmm, well definition tends to work by knowing what things are not. Otherwise we would just see the connections, and what is awareness but contact with a lot of connections? Awareness isn’t refinement. Awareness actually is concentration. It’s the observer that makes potentials actualize. This is a process of concentration, but then we go and refine it. Filter it to be what we expect it is.

I offer that awareness is concentration. That energy/spirit/potential flows down hill to present themselves to our awareness before flowing out into our material reality. Potential like water seeks its lowest point, and to gather together. We see it when it reaches us, unless we flow differently.

Awareness is simply a spark of potential in ourselves, but we tend to make this potential a passive object. Something to build, or grow, or analyze, or live up to. It tends to block that other flow, and makes the communication a monologue. We are forced to listen to the world, so we wind up not actually hearing anything.

I’ve heard of a study on daydreaming and it’s necessity to the minds process. Daydreaming would be another way to flow perhaps? Daydreaming would be, and like hypnotic trance it isn’t actually “spacey”. It has been found in research to mirror deep concentration. It is actually a heightened awareness.

Perhaps the key could be to feel a thought? Oh yes, that is a good insight. All thoughts have a feeling. This is why we describe some as sharp, or painful, or soft, or misty, sweet and pretty, or ugly and dirty. Very material.

You can daydream effectively enough to launch a career. Invent something new or compose a poem. Rehearse a role. We rehearse all the time. We generally don’t have new thoughts, but we can. We have just been trained not to.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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