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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

Don’t Worry, Be Crazy in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

The literal meaning of cult is a body of practices.

Cult culture. The culture cult is a huge cult, and they fear cultists. Cultists are doing culture a huge favour. They need the cultists to believe their cult is sane, because culture and our educated thinking only seems stable in the contrast, not by itself. If we stop and look at our lives, and the self we are told we are… How many people feel like they’re crazy?

I am being told I am sane by professionals. Should I be scared? It’s maybe a little bit of a problem, but I know you to be well equipped to grow beyond it. :razz:

How many people feel satisfied by who they are in the virtual world of Second Life? By their public role? People seem very strange and impulsive in Second Life, and yet supposedly they don’t want that in their real life. In Second Life they can be impulsive and feel there are no consequences. Well, I would ask you now, is it your impulses or your thinking that gets you in trouble? Is drama created in Second Life from someone following their impulses, or insisting on their prejudice?

We may think impulses get us in trouble, but it’s really impulses doing that when they are twisted by thinking. Yes. When you do what you think your impulses tell you, rather than actually feel and move with the impulse itself. Some would say “Well, my impulses are too big. They might over power me.” They didn’t and never will. It’s your thinking that does. You can tell your impulses from your thinking very easily. They are always very small. Hunger is an impulse. The desire to hug a loved one is an impulse. No embellishment. The desire to pet your dog or cat, or other pet is an impulse. It is the still small voice inside of you and is the originating source of all substance.

But impulses can be of varying intensity depending on one’s temperament? Hmm, no. They are of seemingly variable intensity, because your degree of harmony can vary. How in harmony with yourself you are changes.

Impulse is a reaction to a feeling, and the feeling drives the desire to want or to react? Impulse comes before feeling. Feeling is a spirit informing you of its presence. Impulse is your spirit informing you of itself. Your spirit is your originating force, and when you are in harmony with it, it ceases to seem so small and quiet. You realize that everything you did, even before, came from it, and just didn’t come to fullness because you weren’t full. It wasn’t ready, because you weren’t ready.

Your cup runneth over as they say, but you’re busy making toast. You were busy making toast. When we say something is going to go badly, when we say something is broken or destroyed, we often casually say “it’s toast”. Your filters are a toaster. They toast the world for you. But it’s more like the Amityville toaster, haunted. You don’t believe you are doing the toasting, so you put in bread and think you are going to get bread, but instead you get an English muffin, and complain. Busy with the complaining rather than just realizing that’s how your haunted toaster works.

You have an endless fount of the infinite within you. So don’t worry, be crazy, and then crazy will take on a whole new meaning.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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