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Power to Give in Reciprocation


Reciprocation has played a part in a lot of metaphysical and spiritual world views. As above so below, yin and yang, yet we in our modern culture have largely abandoned this idea thinking we act independently of the world, or that we can operate in closed systems. Even our science says there really aren’t any such thing as closed systems. We tend to think that what we want or need, we must take.  That nothing else will happen if we don’t take things. Is this not true?

It is a ‘go getter’ society. Yes, the eighties were known for that almost exclusively, and yet for all of this getting if we are right in our world view, wouldn’t we be prosperous?

The struggle for women’s rights comes to mind. Yes, that is related, and elements of how that struggle was pursued have created a still existent negative consequence. The problem both in profiteering and in revolution is the principle of reciprocation is overlooked. For anything that you would attain, something of equal value must be given. Even nature works like this. Recent natural burns are very fertile soil, and life returns very quickly.

Like a big trading post? Well, more like a river, because unlike human beings, nature doesn’t seek advantage. Reaction in proportion to action, a balance is maintained.

What do you mean by advantage? One up-man ship. Getting more for what you gave than what it was worth. Basically theft. Some thieves rationalize their behaviour saying they don’t hurt anyone. Even saying they only take from those who can afford to lose it.

One should be more aware when someone is taking advantage, maybe it isn’t always clear? This is true, but in fact it’s pretty simple. All nature provides is without expectation. You can breath and have other life supports, and you don’t “owe” for it. That concept of owing is a human notion, and what good does it bring us?

Do we feel guilty for being able to breathe? I think not, but we feel guilt if we don’t pay what is owed. What heroism ever extended from guilt? What compassion comes from “owing”?

Is it better to think of it as ‘pay it forward’ vs. pay back? It is better to understand the act of giving. You are inherently connected to your world. It doesn’t matter how anti-social you are, and we have really only one power in this world. What would you say it is?

To be? Well, if you are in balance being is an effect and a source, the alpha and omega of spirituality.

Your power can be said simply as the power to give. You can give love, attention, place to be, that is ultimately what you can do, but do people as a rule do it?  The purpose of life is to give it away. In giving it away you find your true self. Now this giving isn’t meant to be random. You are to give according to your nature, and preserving your own well being is even a form of giving.

You can only receive if you give away? Basically yes, I have nothing in my home that is quite as valuable as when I share it with someone else.

I was told and now find it true, that it is our responsibility to be balanced. Yes, I fully agree.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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