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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Psychic Touch in Psychic Malignancy

When people fall in love aren’t they seeking the “I” in another? Not their own I, because you cannot own an I. You are it. But if they can get out from under the psychic malignancy, you will realize you are seeking contact with your kin, with the real being behind all the substance.

Are ideas enough to really love someone? We orient as an I, and in the context of other I beings. Recognition of the presence of that other I is overpowering, awe inspiring.

“OMG! I’m not alone!” But you can be alone in someone else’s thought space. You can even be lost in their thoughts. You can be alone in someone else’s emotional world. They can have emotions about you without having awareness of you. But if they touched you, reached from inside their being and actually touched that fuzzy sense of presence, perhaps even tested it…

It’s in no way false if you feel the person’s touch in your mind? It’s in no way false, but you may misread it the same as a physical touch. Like someone thinking you are being sexually inappropriate because you backed into their backside, or you swung your hand just a little two wide. The mind body is a very coherent tangle once you get a sense for it.

Is it how people can so easily lure a child into meeting them? They are hoping the innocent girl will misread the intention? Exactly. You can fake psychic body language. It’s one of the methods of psionic mind control. I can fake a psychic neutral stance say, then suddenly bombard you with intensely focused projections to the point you cannot think or orient. If I catch you off balance, I can even fake biological signals to your stomach or heart causing vertigo, nausea or even heart trouble, all from awareness of the mind body.

Many “psychics” do this. But the same psychic can use it for perfectly reasonable purposes as well, like in one case facing an aggressive customer she can seize that aggression and pull their focus out of place, clouding their mind and making their motor control drop that grip on her neck.

Some people do this instinctively. That’s very true, and if they could train and practice they could use it to very good ends. It is trainable, like boxing perhaps, but can you teach someone to box who can’t even feel their feet?

The worst you’ve ever done is help me go to sleep. Yes. A gentle soothing nerve rhythm targeted to the right place does wonders for letting sleep take over.

I’ve heard that in Tibetan martial arts they learn to make their opponent forget what he wanted to do or to fall asleep. Is that the same sort of thing? It is, but the range can go far beyond physical intention. This ability I am describing has shown up in bits and pieces all across the world. It just hasn’t become a coherent whole yet, maybe because of the paradigm people insist on filtering it through. Science, technology, these make very poor metaphors for this potential, but that’s another topic all together.

This dark cloud we live in can be dealt with. We need not breathe it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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