Actual freedom is not seperation from anything, but rather the recognition of the meaning in the walls that surround you.

I to I in Psychic Malignancy

What can you do to step closer into the psychic? First realize that the mind is a sense and not an identity, and then realize that you can be selective about your psychic stuff in the same way you are your physical stuff, and you gather psychic stuff for the same reason.

Where does our identity lie? Your identity is in the I, in the observer. You do have to declare that you are aware, that you do exist. The “there is no such thing as self” teachings don’t help there.

And that which observes is “you.” Yes, and what we are seeking when we seek contact with others is the reference point created by other observers. We have to acknowledge that there are other beings, others who also are “I” beings. You have to see others I to I. That is the fundamental relationship. Your mind to my mind. Your thoughts to my thoughts as Spock says. This is initiated by the I.

I feel sorry for two headed monsters who have their own sense of “I.” Heads are not I. Heads are equipment. It doesn’t matter how many heads you have.

Heads contain the I? They do not contain the I. They contain eyes. My head doesn’t contain your eyes. It’s an important understanding, and well, thoughts are someone’s personal space, the deep ones are. They are not the I, but they are the space the I exists in.

But the monster with two heads, is it one monster or two individual ones? It is one being.

The I is the filling? The I is the seed. The framework that in that case gave rise to two heads. Siamese twins arise when two beings share part of their biology, but you can still see clearly the different beings. The force of I still manifested there.

Even if they argue with each other? Are they one being? Your two brains are one being, and they do argue with each other or should I say three. If you know from the same place, you are the same being, and the brain doesn’t know things. It just records things.

The “I” sees through different points of reference? It can and does. Biology’s are not the same as beings, but we do for convenience sake refer to them that way. Our psychic awareness is pretty limited to date, but that can change.

Beings to me is everything from rocks to humans. Oh, rocks are beings also, but the rock being is also “psychic” and in many ways more than a human. The rock seeks out other I beings also. This is why people can resonate with crystals. This is why we can assemble bodies from all these minerals as well, because materially we are made in the same way as rocks. Same substance, different pattern. The pattern comes from I.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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