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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Deal Actively with the Mental World in Psychic Malignancy

Can you watch TV and listen to what someone says at the same time? Or cook and listen? Mix a drink and listen? Drive and listen?

Depends on how much information you want. Well, yes, this is true, and this applies even to the psychic things I am talking about tonight. Just because you aren’t paying attention, does it mean it’s not there?

What would things be like if when we are just watching, just relaxing and enjoying a moment, we looked on both levels at the same time? Felt someone’s emotional state as well as smelled their perfume, listened to someone’s intention at the same time as we listen to their words. Do people do that often?

We do this all the time but are not always aware. Did you really do something if you were unaware of it? So if I thump my wife in my sleep, did I initiate the thump?

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Yes, but you probably didn’t do it intentionally. Intentionality. For me, intention and awareness are the same thing. The thing unintended is the thing not really known. Is this a mistaken notion?

Intention, awareness. Sanity? Yes. Can haz cheezeburger instead of Prozac vomit?

But sometimes we do something unaware and then it draws our attention to it. Delayed response like with the seriously fatigued or even sleep walking. Does that have to be the way things are?

Our senses are all on but we usually focus on one at a time. We have limited attention. As came up earlier, we also have limited time and energy. So if we deal with the mental world actively, consciously, alongside our physical world, what would things be like?

More awareness? More intentional action, more creative influence, less waste energy to pollute your own or anyone else’s attention, less feeding ground for those mental viruses to breed in. It doesn’t come from trying to control anyone else thoughts. If you try to go around wiping up someone else’s puke, you will wind up puking yourself. It comes from being aware of your own mind body as well as your flesh body.

Well, sometimes wiping up someone else’s puke is part of life! Oh, indeed and you will be able to make the choice consciously, deliberately. Instead of wiping up the psychic puke with your tongue, you will see you need a bigger picture view of the energy involved and use more constructive methods.

Mind control is done with control of your own mind? Psychic healing is done with your own mind, mind control is, long range psychic vision is. They don’t come from bending other people. They come from being aware of your total being, and then acting in this awareness. Someone can psychically touch you. Children often do before they learn to be hands off on that level, but you can get over any psychic germaphobia and touch people again.

The viruses will always be out there, so pick the ones you want to be malignant? Ultimately yes, we are not the only minds in the psychic world.

“Now show me on this doll where he psychically touched you…” People actually do that. It’s why they sometimes produce such strange avatars in the virtual world of Second Life. Their self-image has become distorted.

Do different generations lean toward different psychic traps? Yes, they do. It’s more or less psychic genetics, and future generations will face different psychic traps still, but we can do it with more grace.

What do Gen Xers lean toward? Gen Xers lean toward some measure of apathy, defeatism. Gen Y lean toward nihilistic neuroticism. “I need love! But your love means nothing!”

We are meant to live our psychic lives also, rather than wander about the psychic realm like blind kittens. As cute as they are, if no one has their eyes open, the kittens get eaten or die of flea infestation.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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