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Psychic Tumours in Psychic Malignancy

Psychic malignancy is the tendency of something to behave in a viral fashion. Where do viruses breed best on a biological level?

In life forms? And when out of life forms in biological waste, either dead and decaying matter, or literal eliminative waste.

I think they die out when all their hosts are dead. Oh, it’s true they do die out when all the hosts are dead, and the psychic viruses threaten something like that in different places and different times, world-wide. Now the topic of psychic malignancy is not actually about viral memetics either.

The major cause of mutation is when any foreign body tries to bond with human genetic material. This makes it a pathogen or carcinogen. For those agents that have been working at that for a long time, eventually the infection becomes a part of the genetic code, and you stop being able to tell one from the other.

An interesting viral insight… All viruses that are infectious to humans share genetic history with humans. You can’t get the feline cold, because the virus that effects them doesn’t have enough connection to us. There is a biologist that even says Aids is more or less super syphilis.

It’s all about competition? In a sense, yes.

Now the pristine human mind pool, sort of like the gene pool, is not that pristine, and we don’t recognize the extent to which it’s become tainted because much of the material has become encysted. It basically forms psychic tumors.

Finding psychic tumors does conjure up rather grotesque imagery, but I agree that it makes sense. They conjure up grotesque behavior also.

I guess because we don’t have a model of the “untainted” to compare it to? At this point, yes, that seems like a fair estimate. So perhaps there is no real reversing the infection, but that doesn’t mean we are without hope. 

Do viruses have their helpful counterparts like bacteria does? They do. It’s called RNA, and our body produces it in order to keep our healthy genetics all neat and orderly. Otherwise, we would mutate even worse. So it’s sort of a case of mutate if you do and mutate if you don’t.

They’re starting to use a virus to fight cancer. Yes. It may be that soon you will just get vaccinated for a cancer outbreak and nothing more would be needed.

Know why cancer kills? 

Cancer kills because the organs fail or people get weak more from the treatment than the cancer itself? Well, it’s sort of interesting, and it does relate to the topic of psychic malignancy. Cancer kills because the cancer tumor is a part of the organ it’s in, or resembles the tissue from another organ that the body makes sure not to kill. The reason it becomes a problem is you have this mass of still very living tissue that is taking up the resources of the organ but not doing the job of the organ. Cancer makes your organs starve to death, amongst other things, but we are discussing psychic malignancy, not biological…

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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