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The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

Psychokinetic Systems in Psychokinesis


We don’t all link to the same psychokinetic systems. Some are very focused on the body. This is pretty common especially with women, and more narrowly mothers. Some are more connected to elemental forces. Something in their personal make up makes them connect with minerals, metal, and they often perform metal shaping in ways they themselves can’t explain.

Uri Gellar bending spoons? He may indeed be an example, and though he’s heavily criticised, to date I recall a few large corporations pay him to locate mining sites.

Finding our personal strengths can help us in the development of this? You can feel a resonance when your energy is attuned to something in the physical world. Example, crystals. How many, even when they were at the doubting stage, felt something strange when holding a quartz? May I ask you to share your experiences?

It’s like it rings in my ears. We had quartz in science class, rose quartz. I just remember holding it and hearing a ringing sound like when you run your finger over the rim of a wine glass.

I feel electricity, and like moving molecules with stones. Attracted more to some than to others. Ah, ok. Ever hold plastic and your body tell you you were holding something alive?

I can tell when I drive over a bed of quartz. I get energy running up through my legs out the top of my head, or maybe it’s a ley line? It’s on the same wavelength as the human nervous system, and yes, it can be a ley line.

There is a constant degree of electrical activity in the earth. This is fact. Lightning is an electrical eruption discharging into the receptive upper air, but the electricity isn’t evenly distributed through the earth. It follows flows. Tesla himself had devised a way to broadcast electricity through the earth without wires, but they don’t do that because people could tap it for free.

Tesla, and electrical engineers after him, have stumbled on factors that relate to PK. Another fact… In an electric circuit like in our computers, there are electrical behaviours that aren’t explainable. As if the power refuses to obey the flow of the circuit and there is no known physical reason. It is strange the number of electrical engineers who are not only interested in it, but personally believe in it. I would think they would have the opposite attitude, no?

I was wondering if using something like a voodoo doll is like using PK? Yes. Image magic is a way to pull out the mental blocks. It gives you an externalized focus so you can just generate power and not have it go elsewhere.

I am sure voodoo isn’t about doing harm to other people? No, it isn’t. Those dolls are often used to heal and kept on altars like some people keep a funeral urn in Japan, respectfully, and as a protective measure. But even if you are using a voodoo doll to heal, you are still using force, just in a healing way.

I don’t know if this relates, but in an earlier teaching I asked you about synchronicities, and how they are coming at a faster rate. Is this related? Yes, very much so. With the change in consciousness, the force the mind exerts on matter is increasing, and in fact synchronicity of any kind is a form of communication. Our ancestors just called them omens. We are talking to ourselves as a species and the planet is talking to us. This is part of why PK seems to be scrambled. There is a hell of a lot of cross talk, and is why the global consciousness experiment works so well. It’s just looking for those outbursts where large bodies of people are focused on the same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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