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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Reaching Out in Obligation


Do you have a desire to reach out to others? Then you can treat that desire to reach out to others the same as you treat those obligations you hold to yourself, and do it for the same reason.

Personal fulfillment. Recognize that you have a use for others, and select those others for your own reasons. They will be equally benefited, because you see in them what they value in themselves. What they spent the most time developing and expressing, that is part of what they need.

Creating reality. If you think it’s sick or needs healing, you create that reality. But if you simply send love, there’s a massive difference. True. If you focus on what you “are morally obligated” to do, you don’t see the joy in life or the value of the world. You don’t see what is good, and your actions can aggravate what is bad.

Reaching out to others is done with really seeing them, and actions stem from that naturally? Love. When you let people see they have a place in your life, you have given them one of the things they need most, recognition. Recognition = love. Expectation is the opposite of recognition. If you are doing one, you won’t be doing the other as well.

Hmmm, perhaps that is the first obligation. Seeing. Really seeing them. Sometimes it’s hard when they won’t let you look closely. If they won’t let you look, they are hiding behind something they do want you to see, their pain/hurt. They want help with that.

I have choice. To see it from mind, or feel it from heart. Or see what the heart feels. These things can be unified.

I want to dislike them for the things they do, but I find I just can’t. Do you want to dislike them, or are you not accepting what you actually feel about them? You can’t please everyone or heal everyone, nor are you obligated to. You are first and foremost yourself and therefore uniquely equipped to deal with those things that are continuous with your being. There are people whom you should be willing to let move on. Not everything or everyone actually needs your attention.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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