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Your tensions are memories. All of them whether intense or more subtle are even potentially scars. Scars are not flexible, but for every tension, especially chronic tensions, there are memories.

Relationship to Pneuma in Pneuma


Our relationship to pneuma comes down to time. Time as an object doesn’t exist. Time is a dialogue and exchange.

Like coming into the online world of Second Life, the server says things to your computer and your computer says things back to the server. From most peoples point of view, the time channel seems pretty stable, little lag, but it’s actually got all sorts of lag. In fact, infinite lag. Events in phenomenal reality are like watching paint dry.

Something to do with all things actually occurring now? So no stream? Yes. So time and thus material reality has two phases.

Nothing gets backlogged? Oh, all sorts of things get back logged. Back log is a rule, but the back log actually gets routed to a different server.

I guess that’s why we jump into time? It’s an “omg, I’m bored” response? Exactly. This is why we dream. We dream because our download speed for actual energy, and thus events, is slow.

Dreams are there to sort out the junk and backlog? Actually, no. That’s just what your mind does while you dream. Dream exists even while you are not dreaming. In fact, dream is the backlog of actual physical events. This is why your subconscious mind never stops processing even while you are experiencing what you think of as being awake.

So dreams are deeper like in the movie “Inception”? That is what conception is. There is no conception, because there is no invention of form. There is just inception.

Just jumping the levels? Yes, and your karma is like television ratings. The memory of what you have been watching.

And free will is changing the channel? Yes, and it’s actually a bit more than that. There is feedback generated when you change the channel. You redefine information as it enters your awareness by changing your focus, and in that sense you create what wasn’t there at inception. It’s like telling the music industry you are sick of baby doll teeny boppers singing slutty music, so they shift their content.

So by viewing it, I modify it? Yes, exactly.

This is what the marketing industry already knows. The power of our focus. Exactly, and keeping up with how it changes. Reality keeps up with how you change, because it is why you change. It is also the origin of the event horizon that allows the existence of you as a person. They speak of consciousness as emergent. It’s not emergent, it’s implicate.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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