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The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

Culture The Energy in Pneuma


There are consequences for the influence of our focus, and humans are not graceful viewers. They are not the only ones watching either. Our planet is a huge viewer (much like we come into Second Life with viewer software), and the definitions that are part of the world viewers nature are beginning to get buggy, unstable.

I knew the planet was peeking at me while I showered. It showered with you. The planet is why you have water. It also shaves with you, as it’s why you grow whiskers.

I hope my girlfriend doesn’t find out. Well, the planet is not a person. Honestly, persons are over rated. The whole range of consciousness makes things that think they are people look like yogurt culture.

In fact, it’s why people exist. To culture the energy, ripen it, and allow for greater diversity in actualizing energy. In creating from the dream, the dream time, the implicate or potential reality out into the explicate, and well… This can be aborted though not in an absolute sense. Let’s say it would be radically recycled. World lines get cut off all the time.

All the earthquakes and volcano activity lately. The earth is influencing what it’s viewing. And will get a hell of a lot more vocal. This is why evolution experiences punctuated equilibrium. The punctuation mark is !!!!!!

Like in hitchhiker’s guide, the planet and all the people are just a huge supercomputer. Actually, they are even more than that. They are echoes of every other consciousness in the universe. All consciousness at all times and in all spaces is operating as a whole. Earth is perhaps a bad sector of the hard drive. It’s going to be reformatted and if necessary re-partitioned. We have had stable partitions here for quite some time. It’s a fish bowl and we needed it, but eventually the climate changes. There are many more time ecosystems than the human. We even have some organisms here that actually occupy differing temporal niches, and some are adapted to move between.

Which ones? Sasquatch, perhaps. My only experience of them is the noise they create. As whether I like it or not, I am pretty much rooted in this temporal crevice.

I live near Sasquatch country and I’d like to meet one. Well, things are becoming more unstable. Sightings will get more common. This is the reason for the UFO sightings.

This explains why pictures of Sasquatch are always blurry. They‘re not rooted temporally. That’s true. Good insight.

Does a Sasquatch sound like a gorilla? It sounds like a screaming human, but in a really low register. I imagine the echo of its voice actually shows up in our phase as black noise. They love startling animals.

Scaring the squirrels. Yes, but they can also modulate their voices to have a provocative effect. They make animals very angry.

UFOs shift out of our temporal alignment? Yes. They navigate the cracks in time space.

There could be warp drive? It’s not warp drive as people think about it. It has nothing to do with the speed of light. They use phase resonance. They actually map the temporal partition and use quantum gravity to sling themselves through it. They cruise the zero point plain and phase in and out of real space.

So, any desire to correct? It might have sounded like insults to your intellect. I had to short hand a lot to actually talk about it. I speak mostly from intuition. I have spent a lot of time trying to find information I could use to translate and thus explain my experience. Otherwise, I don’t much like mechanics.

I feel lucky to be able to peer into your consciousness for these brief periods. I feel lucky to be able to ground in the awareness of you who come here. Anchoring can be really hard and being stuck in a zero context pocket of perception is much like what people here have described as hell.

We help you anchor? Yes. Creating the middle ground, or a constructive interference pattern, shores up my signal, so to speak.

Reminds me of Lamaze coaching, actually. Getting the mom focusing on something other than the pain of the birth. Well, I would love to see humanity make a smooth transition.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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