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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Respect vs. Fear in Respect


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C ommunication
T ies ~ DonJuan Writer

Respect is an emotionally charged topic, and who hasn’t experienced some negativity in the name of “respect”? If it’s an inherent good as we conventionally know it, then why would we experience any negativity at all?

I had a conversation with my Dad once as a teen responding to his statements on respect. I was very honest, and I still am just more mature in my honesty now, and I told my father I didn’t have respect. What I had was fear. His response was very short, “same thing”. Thoughts on that?

Works for the mafia? Actually the mafia has some respectable principles mixed in. They tend to be big community supporters, and their original purpose was advocating for ethnic rights. Italians were being treated very poorly.

It depends on the perspective of the individual. It could be said to be subjective, yes, but I would offer that there is something that lays at the bottom of our capacity for respect.

Respect could be a part of fear, but there is also respect without any fear. Yes, that clarifies the issue well. Thank you friend. :smile: How many people are afraid of spiders, snakes or predators of some kind? We all have places where we reach our limits, and cease being our most functional. These are what I see fear to be, and it isn’t a character flaw, but it isn’t to be held sacred either is it?

Fear is important as sometimes there might be a good reason for it? Hmm, I would say respect is important, and instinctual, and incorrectly defined in modern society. I fear no vermin or predator. Why? I respect their way of being. I’ve come to know our kin on this planet very well, and their ways are very simple, easily predictable, and I observe my responsibility to our brothers and sisters on this planet. Respecting their way when I am in their place, and I have no cause to fear that things will be out of order in any way.

I have had to deal with a poisonous snake. It coiled, rattled and stared right at me. I stopped and stilled my breathing keeping my eyes on it. It slithered away into a bush. Everything was fine, and I often do the same with people. It’s best not to expect the snakes to move. They do not understand human protocol, but humans tend not to really understand human protocol either, do they?

Respect the way of any animal and all is well. Even respect that you may need to carry anti-venom. Many people don’t see the human world that clearly, and there are two reasons for that. In part, we as a people refuse to let things be that simple. We don’t even respect our own ideas, arguing them into meaningless subjectivity. It has been said the ideas we respect least are our own, but we do cling despite this disconnect.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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