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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

State of Knowing in Respect


I am talking about a respect that stems only from awareness, and empowers choice rather than making you feel you must do only one thing.

Awareness means knowing? Yes. A knowing from being and respecting being of others. Being is not out of order, but we are taught to think, and we are taught thoughts of respect which are thoughts of ego. In Taoism, they have a term. Te. Loosely translated as virtue. It‘s symbolized by the concept of the uncarved block. The virtue of a thing of itself, and not seeking a virtue it doesn’t already have. We get very concerned with changing things and making things happen. We forget things happen by other agencies, and we say things happen “all by themselves”. This is not a respectful notion.

You mean that respect is “studiable” matter? Ah yes, I think respect is a state of knowing. Do you feel respected when someone presumes to know you well and shows in action they do not? And the person who knows you well, do you feel any need for them to say “I respect you“?

People will “feel” respect from “others” and here it is difficult to deceive. Ah, this is true. It’s sort of a neurotic reaction isn’t it?

People say there are two kinds of persons: egoists and altruists. Indeed. There is a very good spectrum for respect. The one you most respect is the person demanding you respect them or the person you feel respected by?

All – true – ist. I like that emphasis. People in general have what is seen as a valid motive for whatever they do in their life. They don’t generally act in a way that is deliberately unfair or cruel, but they are often condemned for their autonomy. I see respect as being seeing virtue, and we all arise from virtue. What very young child has anything but love in their heart most of the time?

If altruists can not find the way to give, then altruists feels unhappy. If egoist can not find the way to take, then they feel unhappy. Hmm, well altruism can become a blind rather than a liberating practice. The altruist who doesn’t likewise respect themselves and their own needs, has no respect to show others.

The cat came in just a minute ago. It had a living mouse with her and showed no respect for the mouse or for my nerves. Hmm, actually interesting point. I would say the cat did respect the mouse. Respect isn’t boundaries. There is a way in the world and beyond individuals. The mouses only concern is that it will die.

True respect gives.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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