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The rebel is a slave. You can breath deeply and declare yourself free. You are just watching another dance.

Role of Guide in Secret Society

Secret Society

I think we can be guides to each other. We don’t need to be supreme beings to learn and teach. Yes, indeed. The role of guide used to exist. We rejected it with the rise of the age of reason/science/progress.

Like the obesity epidemic? We are bombarded with health information yet still have obesity. We are bombarded with medical services, industrial style, and remain sick. Services that you can only use if you can afford them and when they are free they are still not the best. The modern medicine man is a poor substitute for the magician of old.

We seem stuck on a certain level of consciousness and do not believe we can go any further. Indeed. The great art has been lost. Even the “art of kem” (the art of Egypt) that gave rise to modern chemistry and thus psychopharmaceuticals, has been twisted and debased to the point of being functionally lost also.

The modern medicine man, had not human progress been brought into subordination to those who had ambitions of empire, would have continued to pursue spiritual or philosophical advancement as well as the physical and medical insights they now have, and the spirit of medicine would have been kept true, but money made certain this would not be the case.

Perhaps they are still out there? Indeed. Programs like Doctors without Borders. There are still those few who seek to be healers first. They are just the minority. In fact, many of the academic professions at one time had “secret societies” that they at one time took seriously. Thus the preservation of things like the Hippocratic oath and the traditions of the Freemasons.

The spirit of the Freemasons was the understanding that despite the “powers” in charge, those who were members of the masons guild were in truth free men rather than masters or slaves. In Egypt, every scholarly pursuit was represented by a priesthood that kept their own rituals that wouldn’t really look like worship at all to us. The ancient Egyptians didn’t even have a word for religion. The word they used actually translates as “law” to us. The scribed served Toth, the undertakers served Anubis, the midwives served Bast or Hathor, and on and on.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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