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Truth is divinity.

Sage And Wise in Druidism


Shall we discuss Bard magick? It might help to start with some background on the school of thought known today as wizardry. It had an older name, but I am awkward with ancient tongues so I will just stick with what we all know.

The ancient Wizards were the sages and wise men and women of the northern countries. They were the keepers of chants that contained all their peoples remembered history and insights about the world. Not only that, but the forms by which they composed these chants and songs were structured so that any new insights could be translated into their oral tradition. Wizard roughly meant word sage.

The Wizards were not a part of their tribal culture directly. Much like the wu-jen of China, they were drawn to living in the wilderness either on their own or in small circles of those who shared their lore. Further to the south, the parallel to the Wizard caste was the Druids. But where the Wizards lived as hermits, the Druids served as teachers and guidance counsellors. They were also judges and peace keepers. The first knights owed their service to the Druid circles. It was only later that they would swear any loyalty to kings.

The Druids, being more numerous and well organized, had three branches. Each section of the Druid order shared their lore with the others and held different responsibilities to the community. The Druids themselves were the priests (for lack of a better term). They were the keepers of the sacred calendar and the rituals of the communities. As well as the diplomats and law givers, a Druids judgement would most of the time be honoured.

Bards and Druids are both healers. Yes. They are both healers.

The second branch of the Druid order was the Ovates. These were the oracles. Where in Greece the oracles were slaves to the temples, the Druid Ovates had equal footing and kept their own ways. If you sought insight from your dreams or a reading of the bones, you went to the Ovates. They were also the village herbalists among other things.

Now we are ready for the Bards. Bards were itinerant members of the Druid order, and they were the ones who carried messages to any of the local knights about possible threats to the villages as well as general news from throughout the land. They were skilled warriors, but much like the Samurai of Japan they placed skill in music and song much higher.

So before they had a postal service or email they had Bards? Yes, exactly.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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