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When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Say What You Say in Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

If you are having a problem with the throat chakra, you often won’t notice it. This chakra, and those above it, tend to be projected out onto our experience. But the health impact is greater because of that.

The communication center has as much impact on every other aspect of your health as your heart does, literally. You could yell yourself to death and it wouldn’t be death by throat problems. It would be death of heart break. Your cardiac nerve plexus is not just the center for regulating your heart beat. It’s the pace maker for your brain as well. It sets the healthy rhythm for your default mode network. Aggressive speech jars the signal between heart and brain making it broken, disjointed and to some degree incoherent. But your use of the throat center is entirely voluntary, at least for most people.

If I am complaining about things, I find my mind gets one track. Yes, and then it rapidly gets fatigued, and you can’t think about anything which means you create new problems as you likely overlooked a lot when you got so upset.

The brain pain results in stress that cascades throughout. Exactly. You can’t scramble your brain and not damage the entire body, and your speech shapes every other pattern in your brain, at least in spurts.

So Mom was onto something when she told us to watch what we say? Actually, she was giving bad advice. Better to say what you say and know what that is in the moment. Using mind to monitor self expression creates that one way flow through the throat chakra. This makes the heart and all the lower centers rigid, inefficient in their function. It can cause things like arthritis and congestive heart failure. Inflammatory speech is literally inflammatory, and rigidly controlled speech is inflammatory.

I can see how the negative patterns could form. Negative patterns being chronic negative or chronic positive speech. It creates the pattern of inflammatory self talk. We also call that biting your tongue.

Brainstorming works best when you don’t censor yourself. Just let it flow. When you don’t censor yourself you tend to be able to watch your words more easily. As you gush, your mind starts moving faster than your tongue. The person who controls what they say never really masters avoiding the faux pas. They often make more. They call those Freudian slips. Over eating and alcoholism also arise from efforts to control speech, or I should say restrict speech. We drown our urge to yell or cry with strong drink, or stuff the feeling of emptiness with food instead of communication which is what it needs.

My ex used to critique everything I said by style and grammatical construction. Eventually, I started to stutter. There is a reason he is your ex, and appropriately so. You can’t critique and actually listen. I sometimes voice a substitute phrase for something my wife said, but that’s not to correct her. But instead to restate her idea so I can be sure I understood it.

You feel empathy at the heart level. You achieve comprehension at the head level, but understanding is at the throat. There is a part of your mind that recognizes the degree that your statements don’t match up with your sensations. Because at the root of your consciousness, there is a part that understands what you see and hear for exactly what it is. It only gets translated later, and the translation is necessary because we can’t act on the immediate sensory impact.

I heard someone say that you blush when your internal sensations don’t match what you are projecting externally. That’s a fact, and blushes always start at the neck. They are always there even if the person is practiced in controlling their body language.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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